10 Years of Cannons

LogoThere are few things in life you can truly rely on. Politicians will disappoint, Footballers will leave your team you support, heck even your girlfriend could change (numerous times). But in 2015 we celebrate a decade of friendship, of sport, of social drinking and of rough tackles. This year we celebrate the 10th year of the Cannons.

The Cannons is a social six a side team that was started after a brief game of garden football between my cousin, Gareth O’Callaghan, my brother Jarred Barnard and myself. It started off as three guys looking for a bunch of guys to help showcase our abilities in thinking we could be professional footballers. Instead what emerged was some epic moments that even led to a wedding in September this year, after my younger sister took a keen eye on her husband Brett at one of our over the top annual fines sessions.

The players have changed significantly over the years, but the core has remained strong and reliable and has largely built a history that we can all look back at with keen smiles, a few bruises and many head aches. The football has seen has win more games than we lose. We have scored some incredible goals over the years, including far too many into our own nets.

Cannons Player of the YearJaco “Joburg” Steynberg, Al Wood and Lee “Leebo” Hodgkinson are our deadly strike trio who on their day are more lethal than Suarez, Messi and Neymar. Our two keepers Marc “Bruiser” McClure and Shaun “Flying Pig” Field provide greater safety than Peter Cech and Manuel Neuer. Logan Green, Morne “Poena” Jurgens and Dirk “Lykos” Vale, along with Marcel Sigg provide the midfield strength in a Yaya Toure kind of manner. Jarred “B” Barnard, Byron “Dirty Bugger” Knox and Darryl “Papa D” De Swart along with yours truly play by the rule of only the ball or man gets through, never both! It’s a group of good men, who enjoy a good time on the field, but an even better time off the field. Cannons fine sessions are legendary in their own right with standing fines commissioner Jabu remembering (or pretending to) everything that takes place. Ever.

For our celebration of our tenth year, the Cannons also introduced a new kit aligned with our friends from De Wildt Cheetah Sanctuary, home of our #Heathcliffe to celebrate the great work they are doing. Its been 10 years of great fun, great tackles, a couple of cards and proper friendship. We may be getting older, but we can still give it a good go. Here is to ten awesome more years!


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