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FB COVERYou may remember from a previous post that I am taking on the well i am challenge in a bid to fix my life, fix my health and fix my future. The well i am 4 challenge is now ten days underway as I type this and I can’t believe that it is that far in. I promised to keep you updated on my progress and the adventures of my journey from flab to fab and here is the first update.

It started off when I returned from a business trip to Namibia and headed to Dischem for my screening. I must say that I was massively impressed by Dischem as I called late on and with some nifty organisation I managed to have my screening at Benmore Gardens. The results, although not surprising, made the challenge more real and awoke my senses to what I was embarking. Here are the results.

well i amNow this is the most exposed I have ever been in my life and I hope that in seeing this it helps motivate me further and take a greater degree of accountability. I know my health is not your responsibility, but the accountability will drive me to make changes that are sustainable for my life.

And so it was there, day 1 of the well i am challenge and I was honestly filled with a sense of fear. But a powerful bit of motivation from my incredible wife and an honest discussion from Feige Lewin, a great friend who is one half of the Nutreats team, quickly gave me the kick in the backside that I needed.

It was time for me to make some drastic decisions. I have not eaten chocolate in 9 years after giving it up in a bet with my mate James in the UK, I quickly summoned this strength to focus on my Achilles heel. SUGAR! With this in mind I put aside my pleasure of Coca-Cola products, Coffee (Because I have two spoons of sugar per cup and four cups per day) and Sweets and committed to start living healthy.

So what would happen. A week of healthy, experimental eating, coupled with some soccer and a park run in and I am feeling great. I have not done all the measurements, which I will do sporadically through the challenge, however I can report that my weight on Sunday was 144.9kg. Meaning that week one has seen a loss of 5kg so far! I know its going to slow down, but it’s just the start!

10154500_818907264861347_5890573018315404285_nThere are some incredible people doing some incredible things and you can follow their story on the well i am social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The next update will be in two weeks time, ahead of a business trip to Mauritius and arguably the toughest week that I will endure in the well i am challenge. Until then, live inspired.

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  1. well i am CHALLENGE
    well i am CHALLENGE says:

    This is fantastic! Nothing like ‘knowing your numbers’ (Dischem screening) and seeing yourself in photos to give us the wake-up call that we sometimes need.

    The 5kg drop is remarkable! Can’t wait to read the next update! !


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