Endurocad Launches Schools Clinic Gauteng

Endurocad (1)Endurocad launches its first schools clinic in Gauteng, 22nd – 24th May 2015

This past weekend saw Endurocad, established with the purpose of identifying, nurturing, training and celebrating the success of young talented athletes, host its first schools’ clinic in Gauteng. Elana Meyer, the co-founder and CEO of ENDUROCAD, in conjunction with ENDUROCAD’s head coach Ernie Gruhn, launched the weekend’s activities with an inspirational evening during which she shared her “Journey and Magical Year” with 60 highly talented high school athletes, coaches and parents.

These highly talented runners, who collectively have won 19 medals at SA Junior Athletics Champs, then went on to attend the Endurocad clinic, sponsored by KPMG who in turn are expanding its investment in running beyond the KPMG Vorentoe Academy.

Living up to the philosophy of ENDUROCAD – committed to excellence – the clinic helped facilitate training and exposure in the following different fields:

1. Physical training
The athletes were exposed to the following training sessions – an interval session on the track, fartlek, strength training, rhythm and improvement of running economy training, stretching, warm up, cool down, pilates and core training.

2. Nutrition
Further training included lectures by experts in their fields of drug free sport, healthy nutrition and the foods you should eat to ensure optimum performance.

3. General information sessions
The athletes attended interactive workshops including sports massage, the importance of recovery after a hard training session as well as skills development focus in the areas of goal setting, the setting of personal goals and personal motivation.

Endurocad (2)4. Inspirational
Elana shared her story in a highly emotional and inspirational presentation.

5. Working within a Group
Endurocad believes that for athletes to really perform well, they have to work and train within and as a group. During these action packed three days, scholars had the opportunity to experience life as a full time athlete, whilst sharing in the wisdom, knowledge, passion and energy of one of South Africa’s greatest endurance athletes. Elana Meyer noted, “It was inspirational to see the commitment of the young athletes and coaches in Gauteng, and I believe that out of this group of talented runners there could certainly be runners that will go on to be part of the SA team in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.”


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