The Pit Wall – Brazil Grand Prix


So here we are – the end of another F1 season! Yesterday’s race sure was a great way to end the season – I really enjoyed all the action, pity the rain didn’t show up! There were a few great (and sad) moments for the Brazil Grand Prix, all-in-all a great show this Sunday.

Sebastian Vettel won his 9th consecutive F1 race, beating Alberto Ascari’s record. However, Vettel was modest about this achievement saying, “I think it’s not fair (to compare). It’s a different time at his time, cars broke down a lot more, teams weren’t as consistent. I think it’s a different type of record.” He also equaled the great Michael Schumacher’s record of 13 wins in a race season. I’m sure there was a moment of panic when the team unexpectedly brought in Vettel after Lewis and Bottas collided, leaving him sitting in the pit box waiting for his front right tyre.


Mark Webber raced around in an F1 car for the last time yesterday, and finished in a stellar 2nd place. I particularly enjoyed the moment where he took off his helmet and drove around waving to the crowd – something I’ve never seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. I also rather enjoyed him slipping on the podium in the champagne and having a good laugh about it – what great fun.

FORMULA 1 - Brazilian GP

I felt rather sorry for Felipe Massa, as I think his chances of a podium at his home race was definitely on the cards. But after he was slapped with a drive through penalty for crossing the white line at the pit lane, he finished in P7. Massa was clearly upset about the penalty shouting ‘unbelievable’ over the team radio. It was a rather harsh penalty, but I suppose rules are rules when it comes to the FIA. His career at Ferrari comes to an end after 8 years – rather sad to see him go but am definitely excited about the Raikkonen/Alonso battle for next year.


I won’t delve into too much detail on the race, but rather go to All Things Jabu’s F1 season awards. Lots of new changes next year – catch you in 2014!

 All Things Jabu 2014 F1 Awards

Driver of the year: Sebastian Vettel

Rookie of the year: Valtteri Bottas

The Juan Pablo Montoya award for Reckless Driver of the Year: Sergio Perez

Race of the year: Silverstone for tyres spontaneously combusting

Most boring race: Unfortunately Spa, which is such a pity as this is normally a great track.

Teammate war of the year: We couldn’t come to a consensus on this one, so it’s going to be a three-way tie between Vettel/Webber, Perez/Button and Raikkonen/Grosjean

Formula 1 Tweeter of the year: Team Lotus

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