Taking on the well i am challenge

FB COVERFor years I have hidden behind a range of excuses and failed to take accountability for my health and more specifically my weight. On my recent journey with the Unogwaja Challenge I was once again reminded of the importance of heart and following your dreams. My dream is to be a healthy father to my future children and I am determined to get the healthy part right first (The father part will come when the time is right). With that in mind I have paired up with the well i am challenge, I will be spending 100 days revolutionizing my body, my health and very importantly my habits.

It all kicks off on the 15th June and we will be tracking my journey via our various social media accounts as well as right here on the blog. I also am going to use this time to begin training to firstly run a half marathon, before building up to a full marathon. It might seem crazy to start this in the coldest spell we are having, but I don’t want an easy ride, I want to work for every kilogram and every kilometre. They say that the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step, I am hoping that this is my first step towards my journey of an energetic and healthy Jabu.

I also want you to join me on this journey and you can do it in a number of ways. You can be a supporter, popping some words of encouragement over the various social media channels or you can be a fellow entrant to the well i am challenge. All you have to do is head over to http://www.welliam.co.za and sign up. There are cash prizes as well as sponsored prizes to be won throughout the 100 days. There is also a range of support and solutions to assist you in your journey.

I am no longer going to use my knee problems as an excuse, I will no longer point to my busy work and travel schedule as a means to being overweight. Instead I am going to change my life and make things right. I will do this. Will you?

Well I am

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