It’s definitely one of the perks of the job to be able to test product. Thanks to Tecnifibre SA and Babolat SA for providing the products for testing. Today I tested the following:

  • Babolat Propulse Fury All Court (red) Shoes
  • Tecnifibre T-Flash 315 DC (315 gram) racket
  • Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 DC (320 gram) racket
  • Tecnifibre Club Ball (low altitude)

I’m just going to jump straight into it:

Babolat Propulse Fury All Court (red) Shoes

This is my third pair of Propulse shoes I’ve tested. I’ve noticed that Babolat have slowly moved away from the straps which was a unique feature. This model of shoe has been Babolat’s flagship shoe and has definitely varied from the ProPulse 3 which was sleek yet stable to the BPM model which went more light weight losing some stability, in my opinion. This new model has taken the best from over the years and put it into one muscular animal which is built for the kill. Strong, sturdy, flexible and well cushioned. Time will tell how long these shoes will last but Babolat outsoles generally are pretty good.

Fit: The fit is regular, definetly an improvement from previous model. The shoe definitely required some wear in- after the first hour the shoe was super comfortable. This shoe was not keen on an inner sole. My heel was lifting out with my Sofsol Airr insert.

Upper: Flexible and breathable. No major faults here. The additional wear protection are well incorporated into the shoe sticking out like defined muscles on a lion. The areas look like they can handle heavy court conditions.

Midsole: The Kompressor Tech is great on the heel. The previous model felt quite hard on my forefoot but I did not feel this at all in the new Fury model.

Outsole: Tough to say after only playing one match however my Propulse shoes have always lasted well and I expect the same from these.

Other: The weight of these is slightly more than the previous model by a few grams offering better stability. In saying that I did not feel that the shoe was chunky and slow at all.

Babolat Propulse has shifted focus leaving the lightweight fight to the Jet model. The Propulse Fury will definitely take on the likes of the Barricade known for it’s durability in SA. For more on this product click here.

Tecnifibre T-Flash 315 DC, Tecnifibre T-Fight 320 DC and Tecnifibre Club Ball

It was great to get my hands on a current Tecnifibre frame to see exactly how this will fare to the many other frames and brands I’ve tested over the six years of doing this. My current racket is the Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 330g so I could really get a good indication on these bats.

#1 – T-Flash 315 DC (Dynacore) – strung with Tecnifibre Black Code 1.24mm at 50 LBS

 The feel on this frame was pretty good. It’s solid yet not harsh on the arm.

Performance: This frame definitely packs a punch. I would liken the power to that of the Pure Drive Tour. The rounded beam naturally offers more power but lacking on the control side for my liking. The spin potential and overall performance didn’t match up to the Ezone DR 98 but it’s a worthwhile demo option for players looking for a beefy racket of this weight.

Other: The paint job looks good. Strings sounded quite “pingy” without a dampener.

#2 – T-Fight 320 DC (Dynacore) – strung with Tecnifibre Razor Code 1.23mm at 50 LBS

 The feel felt good from the word go, not quite plush but a solid comfortable feel to the frame.

Performance: I enjoyed this racket a lot. A good portion of control and reasonable spin potential. I found myself easily dialing with the 98 head size and no issue finding the sweet spot. I would put this in my top five rackets in 320g – 340g weight class. Very impressive.

Other: Definetly one of the best looking frames on the market. Strings sounded quite “pingy” without a dampener.

Tecnifibre Club Ball (low altitude)

Felt and seam: The fellt of this ball is great. It fluffed quickly and as you can see by the image looked in decent condition after two hours of play. Seam was neat and clean.

Bounce: Testing a low altitude (LA) ball can produce surprising results. Some LA balls can be slower than their counterpart HA balls. This was not the case. The balls were super fast out of the can which indicates the pressurisation is good. Would be very interested to test a proper HA ball. The bounce remained consistent and feels like a quality, durable ball

Consistency: The bounce remained consistent and feels like a quality, durable ball.

Feel: The feel of the ball really stood out. Nice and spongy.