EPL Predictions: Marking my Predicitons

On the 5 August 2010, the Jabu predictions were made for the 2010-11 season. Lets see how bad they were.

Below the teams will be listed in their actual finishing order with their Jabu prediction in brackets including underneath a short comment on the player to watch as mentioned in the Jabu predictions

1. Manchester United (2)

Not too bad there from Jabu. I made specific reference to the freakishly good Hernandez, but was probably wrong in my choice of Rooney as the man to watch, that fell to Javier instead.

2. Chelsea (3)

I should have been right here, but for Arsenal to choke spectacularly. Their key man being Didier Drogba was not too far off as when he fired so did Ancelotti’s boys.

3. Manchester City (5)

Well I was unfortunately surprised by the Citizens. Their money has reaped reward. They have a habit of phenomenly boring and stupendously good in consecutive weeks. They have a 20% chance of Real Madrid and a 20% chance of Barcelona in the Champions league group stages, so that could be cool to see. Key man was seen as Yaya Toure who also was the man to win the FA Cup semi and Final for them. I think Ill take that as a good pick.

4. Arsenal (1)

Okay so I was blinded by favouritism. That being said, Arsenal were well and truly in a position to win the league this year and prove my predictions right. They didnt. They choked. It sucks. Robin van Persie was indicated as the player to watch (if he stays fit) and he was. 18 goals in 19 games. He scored more per minute played than anyone else in the premier league this season

5. Tottenham (8)

Again, I am a Gooner, I hate Tottenham. So once again my vision was somewhat impaired in this decision. Tottenham probably will be very frustrated with this position as the top 4 was really in reach this year and they failed. The ludicrous decision to name Gareth Bale as PFA player of the year was a highlight for them. I picked Gomes as their key player and I couldnt be more wrong. He was a joke. In fact, Almunia looks a class act around the bumbling Brazilian.

6. Liverpool (4)

“I am a huge fan of Roy Hodgson”, Liverpool werent. “I believe they will regain their status as a member of the big 4” Liverpool didnt. I chose their key player to be Torres! LMAO. He was bad for them this season and then worse after his 50 million move. Liverpool would probably look at Dalglish as the key man from 2010-11

7. Everton (6)

If Everton ever learn to start a premier league campaign well, they will definately be in the running for top 4. They are still a great team to watch. I said Steven Pienaar would be their player to watch, but Tottenham took me seriously and bought him. Until he left though he was playing rather well for them.

8. Fulham (12)

Fulham punched above their weight and did a good job. They will be devastated that Mark Hughes stayed for one season only. I am still somewhat surprised by this, that being said Martin Jol is a great option. Their player to watch was Bobby Zamora, but a broken leg really ruined that prediction for me.

9. Aston Villa (7)

I think I did alright with this prediction. It was always going to be a tough season with Martin O’Neill walking out. Gerard Houllier’s health problems left them in an awkward position and the sale of James Milner was tough too. But 9th place after where they were is not bad at all! My key player was Richard Dunne, but Ashley Young and somehow unbelievably that honour should really belong to Stewart Downing.

10. Sunderland (14)

Not as close as I would have liked this prediction, but Sunderland did well. Danny Wellbeck and Asamoah Gyan are two decent strikers, but they could have pushed higher had it not been for the loss of form suffered after Darren Bent left. He too incidently was my player to watch!

11. West Bromich Albion (17)

The second half of the season is testatment to why I am a big fan of Roy Hodgson. WBA were far from a walk over and played some fantastic football this season. He is definately in his niche at a smaller club. Key player was Robert Di Matteo but as many it seems, he didnt quite make it and Roy Hodgson replaced him with much delight.

12. Newcastle United (15)

Look, it was really tight in these positions, so Im counting this as a correct prediction. The joys of blogging. Newcastle fired an average manager for doing well and highed an average manager who is doing well. I said Jonas would be the key player and he certainly was one of the better ones, but probably still fell behind captain Kevin Nolan (WHO HAS JUST BEEN SOLD TO WEST HAM!!!)

13. Stoke City (11)

Their long throw ins are not as dangerous anymore. Their manager is still an idiot and their fans are still classless, uneducated fools, but they will be around for a while yet. They were really really poor in the FA Cup Final. I said there key player would be Delap for his throw ins, but that honour belongs to Jermaine Pennant

14. Bolton (16)

Same as Newcastle, the points were close between these positions so I’m counting this as an accurate prediction. Owen Coyle will be dissappointed with this finish though. Gary Cahill was seen as the key player and he had a great season, but the star was loan arrival Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea.

15. Blackburn Rovers (13)

As above its a pretty accurate prediction. Their player with the most assists was their goalkeeper Paul Robinson who was also incidentally my Key Player.

16. Wigan Atheletic (19)

They looked for all the world that they would be going down, but a remarkable comeback against West Ham and a victory away against Stoke has kept them up. Rodallega as predicted was far and away the star of the show for Wigan this season.

17. Wolves (18)

Well on that last day at 3-0 down it looked very much like my prediction was right. They managed to get out of it somehow and probably survived thanks to some gritty team performances and Hennessey’s saves. I picked Kevin Doyle, but Steven Fletcher was much more instrumental

18. Birmingham City (9)

This is the one I got horribly wrong (with the last one of course), Birmingham have the 4th highest net spend in the premiership behind Chelsea, Tottenham and City. They scored less goals than anyone, they were rubbish, they were boring and they are going down. Barry Ferguson is a word that I wont use here.

19. Blackpool (20)

Charlie Adam almost inspired his team to a magnificent stay alive season. They were by far the most entertaining team in the division, involved in only one goalless draw all season. There were more goals in their games than in anyone elses, but thats not great if all of those are conceded.

20. West Ham (10)

Um. Oops? West Ham had got rid of the financial burden. They however failed to play football all the time. They were bottom of the log for most of the season. When Newcastle went down two years ago, they were seen as too big to do so. West Ham should feel the same. That being said, my key player was Scott Parker who won the Football Writers Award, so I think I got one thing right!

So I failed in my predictions for this. But maybe I was better in the PSL. Ill let you know over the weekend!

Cheers for now!


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