Jabu Sports Star of the Month: Ryan Sandes

Ryan Sandes is an All Things Jabu favourite. He is the reigning 4 deserts champion and very much a proud South African. Ryan is awarded the Jabu Sports Star of the Month for his outstanding  achievement at the Leadville 100 mile race. The South African ultra trail runner took part in the Leadville 100 Trail race on the 20 August. The 160km race is also known as the Race Across The Sky and takes place through the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, USA. Less than half of the field finishes the race within the 30 hours time limit.

Ryan finished first in a time of 16:46 – the third fastest time to date. The current record is held by American Matt Carpenter (15:42). We all know this mark is not safe while Ryan is around.

There is a documentary coming out about Ryans Journey called Wandering Fever. Its being made by African attachment. Read more about them here. All photos are courtesy of The African Attachment

It seems there is no limit for “hedgie” in his quest to become the best in the world.

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