The Premier League Team of the Season so far

The world’s best league has passed the half way stage and it’s been an exciting spectacle so far! We have witnessed some incredible results including the Bolton thrashing over QPR before falling apart, Man United beating Arsenal 8-2 only to lose 6-1 to Man City, Chelsea losing 5-3 to Arsenal and then losing to QPR as well, Liverpool being useless in games against every team below the top 10 and of course Newcastle being victorious over Man United.

Over the course of the season so far some players have stood out with the consistent quality of their performances and we take this chance now to look at the top 10 players of the EPL season so far. Due to the fact that consistency is a major part in making this list, Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll are obviously excluded! In reverse order, here are the players of the 2012 season so far:

10. Jose Enrique

Jose Enrique evades a tackle

For quite a few seasons now Liverpool have struggled with a left back. This season they have had no problem as Luis Enrique signed from Newcastle in the off season has been fantastic. It looks like they have finally got a good left back and it’s no surprise that he is often involved in all that’s good about Liverpool defensively and offers great assistance going forward to. Also he could probably teach Stewart Downing to cross a ball.

9.  Sebastian Larsson

Larsson scores a trademark free kick

Sebastian Larsson is finally starting to deliver on the promise that he has shown since his early days for Arsenal. The big thing about the Swede is that while he may score some incredible free kicks (top scorer in the league for free kicks); he is also a decent footballer. He can play in the midfield or in defence and has proven to be the standout in Sunderland especially in the Bruce era as his team mates have finally started to take heed from him under Martin O’Neill.

8.  Brad Friedel

Friedel at full stretch

40 years old and first choice for one of the three teams realistically chasing the title, Friedel has had a great season. The only mistake that I can remember was against Swansea, but he has been incredible in pushing Gomes and Cuddicini out of Tottenham. Just so we get this right, I hate Tottenham and am not a big fan of Harry Redknapp, but he finally didn’t waste money and probably made the best signing of his Tottenham career. The amazing thing about Friedel is that his reflexes seem to almost have quickened rather than slowed down!

7. Sergio Aguero

Aguero celebrates another goal

For Carlos Tevez to be missed, would require his replacement to be poor. Carlos Tevez won’t be missed! Aguero has taken to the premier league like Frank Lampard to a pie and unlike Torres to Chelsea. Aguero brings a high level of energy, but coupled with that a high level of quality too; he is a great talent to watch. When you watch the best league, you want to watch the best players and Aguero is in that list. It makes you wonder how Argentina haven’t won a World Cup with Messi, Higuain and Aguero himself.

6. David Silva

The Assist Machine

It’s a damning tale for the rest of World football that this man can currently not get into the starting line up of the Spanish squad. With the likes of Fabregas, Xavi and Iniesta ahead of him and competing with Mata and co, he has not played the amount of international football he deserves. As the saying goes, if they won’t open the door, keep knocking. That’s exactly what he has done this season. After the multi million purchase of Na$ri, people expected him to be rotated a lot more for the petulant Frenchman. But Alas, Silva has produced high quality football and has been a creative dynamic for the Citizens and is a large part of their drive to the top with his league leading 10 assists.

5. Aiyegbeni Yakubu

"Feed the Yak!"

It says a lot of the ability and performance of a player when his team is in the bottom 3 yet he has still been able to make a top 10 list. His goal scoring prowess has returned this year and his displays have delighted the Ewood park faithful even though there hasn’t been much else to smile about. He did not have a good run of form in his time at Everton, but at last his Portsmouth form has come back. He was instrumental in the Blackburn victories over Arsenal and Manchester United as well as bagging all 4 in the 4-2 rout of Swansea. His form will be integral to Rovers staying up in the Premier League for another season.

4. Yaya Toure

African Player of the Year

Arsene Wenger doesn’t often get it wrong with players, but it seems he did when he declared Yaya Toure an average player. One of the few players to move from Barcelona to the Premier League (They all usually go the other way), there is good reason that Yaya Toure is the African Player of the year, because he is in fact the best African player in the World right now. His strength and tenacity are second to none and his show of pace surprises many with the speed of it. I think he is going to be hugely missed when he goes to the AFCON.

3. Michael Vorm

9 Clean Sheets and counting

What Manchester United would do for a keeper of his ability! I can recall only one error from him this season and that was at Arsenal. Swansea have been a bit of a success story in this season and that is largely built on the brilliant defence that they have shown this season. That defence is largely built on the commanding presence of Michael Vorm. He has kept 9 clean sheets in 10 games and is the highest number in the entire league.

2. Demba Ba

Not fit enough for Stoke?

The Senegalese hitman suffered a blessing in disguise in the off season. He failed a medical at the thug club Stoke. This led to him signing on a free transfer from West Ham at Newcastle and they will be laughing all the way to the bank. They essentially received 35 million to replace Andy Carroll with a better player. He has scored 15 goals in 19 appearances including in a slap in the face Hat trick against Stoke. He scores about 65% of Newcastle’s goals and his departure to the AFCON will probably hurt Newcastle badly. He does however play for Senegal and their stay in the AFCON I think will be a short one!

1. Robin van Persie

Captain Vantastic

Is there a more incredible talent that Robin van Persie? He has emerged as a fantastic and phenomenal leader of the Arsenal and scored a remarkable 35 goals in 2011. He is comfortably the leading striker in the league and in my opinion should definitely have made the World Team of the year. Not only does he score goals (50% of Arsenals goals this season) but he creates them and is deadly at dead balls. That is why RVP is my player of the Season so far! He would also win my goal of the season so far for his sumptuous strike against Everton!




4 thoughts on “The Premier League Team of the Season so far

  1. Jade Rickerts says:

    A little biased there Jabu, seeing as you’re an Arsenal supporter. Although I do agree with the selection, just a bit disappointed that no Man United players got to make the cut. Then again we got team players and don’t just rely on one individual to pull us through, the Ronaldo days are long gone.

    F1 starting in a few weeks, can we expect some predictions or just a look ahead to what’s to come this season?

    • All Things Jabu says:

      Hey Jade

      Absolutely, Im a big fan of F1 and will be doing a big preview if I get the time, otherwise one of the writers will.

      You are right, for me the standout player at Man Utd this year is Giggs, but he really hasnt been standout in the league, which is what makes them so scary. Imagine they had a player that made the impact of RVP!

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