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 In a country where we produce props quicker than Steve Hofmeyer produces offspring, there must be something special about you if you are constantly being spoken about. Enter, Brok Harris, the WP stalwart with 61 caps for the Stormers in Super Rugby (At the start of the season). We had a chance to chat to the front row hard man and found ourselves truly entertained. Of course we know get to share that with you!

All Things Jabu (ATJ): What are the challenges a front row player faces in the way the game of rugby is changing, especially in a tournament like the Super 15? 

on the charge. . .

Brok Harris (BH): The ball is in play for longer, and props aren’t limited to scrumming and line-out support anymore. We have to be fitter, stronger, faster and overall better conditioned than in the past.

ATJ: What do you feel the chances are for The Stormers to go all the way in this year’s competition?

BH: We’ll go as far as we get. Right now we’re taking it one game at a time, keeping mistakes to a minimum. This is a tough tournament, but if everything goes according to plan, things are looking good.

ATJ: This season sees what looks to be a much stronger and more solid scrum for the Stormers, what has made the biggest difference for you this season?

BH: The entire pack has bought into the scrumming system and we found a good rhythm that works for us.

ATJ: Who is the best hooker you have played alongside?

BH: A good friend of mine, Tiaan Liebenberg. He is a great scrummager and ball carrier, and an outstanding leader.

ATJ: What has the highlight of your career thus far been? 

I just met Brok!!!

BH: Definitely the Super 14 Final in Soweto and shaking hands with President Jacob Zuma, as well as a tour of Leeuwenhof estate, with tourguide ‘tannie Helen Zille’.

ATJ: What do you feel your prospects are on becoming a Springbok in the near future?

BH: I had a good rest and a good pre-season, and I’ve been working hard both on and off the field.

ATJ: Which is your favourite stadium to play in?

BH: NEWLANDS!! We have the best support base EVER in Super Rugby, and it feels like the crowd is a part of the game.

ATJ: Why do you think that the Stormers have managed to cultivate such a wonderfully diverse fan base?

BH: Because we are a wonderfully diverse team. I think rugby is like a universal language, and just as in 1995, it serves as a bridge uniting all generations and populations as one.

ATJ: Who is the best player you’ve played alongside?

BH: Schalk Burger

ATJ: What other sport do you follow? 

I could be a fullback

BH: I like to keep up with a variety of sports, especially Formula 1, Tour de France, Varsity Cup rugby, and a little soccer.

ATJ: Which teams do you support?

BH: Man United, Red Bull Racing (Sebastian Vettel), the Schleck brothers, my alma mater Pukke and my current club Maties.

ATJ: If you weren’t a professional rugby player, what would you be doing?

BH: I would probably have a game farm, hosting team development events/camps. I’m also a pretty good karaoke singer, backseat driver and an avid birdwatcher.

ATJ: If you could play in any other position for one game, which would it be?

BH: Probably Full Back, as it presents different challenges to what I’m used to, but mostly just because the backs always get the girls…

ATJ: Thanks so much Brok! Good luck for the remainder of the campaign?

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