Euro 2012 – The Permutations


As the group stage nears an end and the quality in football is starting to rise, there are a range of possibilities of who could progress to the knockout stages. In order to aide your viewing, here is a detailed look at what each team needs to do and what needs to happen for them to qualify.

Group A (Saturday)


I told you Andrei could run!


Greece (1pt) v Russia (4), Czech Republic (3) v Poland (2)

Russia will be through with a draw, and could even afford a defeat by fewer than six goals if the other game finishes level.

Greece will be through with a win, and out with a draw or loss.

Czech Republic will advance with a win. They could even afford to draw unless Greece beat Russia by five goals or fewer.

Poland will be through with a win, and out with a draw or loss.

Jabu’s Pick: Russia and Czech Republic

Group B (Sunday)


22 seconds in possession, 3 goals. Now thats Super


Denmark (3) v Germany (6), Portugal (3) v Netherlands (0)

Germany are not quite through, but will be as group winners if they draw. They will be knocked out, though, if they lose to Denmark by any result other than a one-goal defeat in which Germany score at least two AND Portugal win.

Denmark will progress with any win. A draw will only be good enough if Portugal lose. If Denmark lose they are out.

Portugal will be through with victory unless Denmark win by a one-goal margin (other than 2-1 and 1-0). They will progress with a draw unless Denmark win. Portugal will also be through if they lose by a one-goal margin and Denmark are also beaten.

The Netherlands must win by a two-goal margin and hope Denmark also lose.

Jabu’s Pick: Germany and Portugal

Group C (Monday)


All it took was playing in red again!


Croatia (4) v Spain (4), Italy (2) v Republic of Ireland (0)

Spain have the simplest task – a draw ensures qualification, a win ensures first place.

Croatia will definitely qualify, as group winners, with victory. They will also be through with any draw other than 0-0 or 1-1. If their game is 0-0 and Italy win, Croatia are out. In the case of a 1-1 draw, they will only be through if Italy do not beat Ireland by 3-1 or better. Croatia can afford to lose if Italy do not win.

Italy have to win and hope the other game does not finish in a high-scoring draw of 2-2 or more. If the other game finishes 1-1 they must win by 3-1 or better to finish above Croatia or better than 4-0 to top the group. If the other game finishes 0-0, an Italy win would take them through as group winners.

Republic of Ireland are out but will finish third with a win.

Jabu’s Pick: Spain and Italy

Group D (Tuesday)


Dont tell anyone, I am a money hungry “John Terry”


Sweden (0) v France (4), England (4) v Ukraine (3)

England will be through with a draw. If they lose, they have to hope France lose by enough so that England at least end level with Les Bleus on goal difference and goals scored (as England have a superior coefficient).

Ukraine will be through with a win and out with any other result.

France will be through with a draw. If they lose, they would only be out if England lose but at the same time move level with them on either goal difference or goals scored.

Sweden are out.

Jabu’s Pick: England and France

Jabu’s Quarter Final Lineup

Russia vs. Portugal
Germany vs. Czech Republic
Spain vs. England
France vs. Italy

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