Novak Djokovic – Half Champion, Half Clown

Wimbledon is well underway, which means tennis is once again the centre of many a persons attention. And of course if tennis is the centre of your attention, then so to is Novak Djokovic. The current world number 1 and defending wimbledon champion has a bit of an arrogant persona around him, but in spending some time on youtube I found some fantastic imitations that he does! What a champion he is!

This was at the US Open when he had a little dig at John McEnroe


He then also has a go at imitating French Open champion Maria Sharapova


 And has a brilliant go at Rafael Nadal alongside another attempt at Sharapova


 And then against probably the funniest tennis player there is, Andy Roddick, they spice it up together


 And of course speaking of Roddick, this is probably the best one ever where he impersonates Rafa Nadal in a game against Roger Federer.


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