Feel it ‘anywhere in the world’

It’s only been two years since South Africans in one voice and movement embraced the opportunity to wave their collective flags to the Coca-Cola® anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Now the 2012 London Olympic Games are just over a month away and it’s time that this massive worldwide sporting competition got it’s own anthem, courtesy of Coke®.

 It took a strong concept and a very talented man to put together one of the most unique songs in history.  World renowned music producer ,Mark Ronson created the official Coca-Cola® Olympic Games sound-track “Anywhere in the world”, featuring British pop sensation Katy B,and using  the most interesting of instruments – athletes.

 Coca-Cola put forward some sports and further narrowed this down to five athletes around the world – all of them Olympic hopefuls.Mark Ronson worked with each of the athletes to extract the particular sound of their sport to create an Olympic anthem unlike any other. The sports include hurdling, running, archery, taekwondo  and table tennis.

 To get a closer look at the group of men and women who, through their respective sports, provided the sounds from which Ronson built this song, you can take a look at the series of webisodes and documentaries Coca-Cola® commissioned to document the process on www.coke.co.za

 Not only are the sounds unique but the athletes all have their very own story to tell. Different cultures, different up-bringings, different lives but with two things in common. The first is their love and passion for the sports they play. The second is that thanks to Ronson’s song they, like you, can feel the beat of London from anywhere in the world, whether or not they make it to London 2012 Olympic Games.

 Check out the music video right here:


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