Tiffany Kruger: The Olympics follow up

Tiffany Kruger had a chat to us before she headed off to the Olympics as well as featured in our reasons to watch the Olympic Games. We asked her to share some thoughts on the Games now that she is back and the read is fantastic once again!

On the Olympic Experience…

My Olympic experience was unbelievable it was everything I imagined and more. The Olympic Village its self was amazing from the all you can eat buffets to the accommodation.  Being amongst the best athletes in the world is an inspiration in itself and being able to witness the joy and tears of athletes achieving their goals really puts in to perspective of how much hard work and dedication  has gone in to their achievement. The Racing experience for me could not be compared to anything I have previously experienced; it has motivated me on another level and given me desire to be up there in 4 years time.

On fellow canoeist Bridgitte Hartley winning the Bronze medal…

Bridgittes Hard earned medal is an enormous achievement not only for herself but for South Africa and canoeing. Her Medal has not only inspired many young people to get involved in the sport but it has also given hope to those that are currently involved in terms of success and moving forward to Rio 2016. Me being one of them J

On lessons learned at London 2012…

I have learnt an incredible amount and I am excited to begin my quest to 2016. I now know where I stand as an athlete and where I have to be in 4 years time. I need to be much bigger much stronger and very fast! It’s back to the drawing board and I’m looking forward to the future.

On the highlight of the games…

There were so many wonderful experiences, but I would like to highlight 2 of them. Firstly lining up for my race and that feeling of excitement, nerves, and the adrenalin pumping through your veins. As they mention your name and the crowd goes wild. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before, Having so much love and support from your country is an unbelievable feeling.

Secondly the closing ceremony does deserve mention performance after performance it just kept getting better and i got to experience this with the best athletes in the world. It was FANTASTIC!

On meeting anyone exciting…

Yes, the list is extensive but the person who I did enjoy meeting was the men’s  high Jump Olympic Gold medallist from Russia Ivan Ukhov, he is by far one of the most relaxed athletes I have ever met , he has such natural talent and a genuine person.

On the sponsorship and support base that make her dreams come true…

Of course, my sponsors have been amazing making my life that much easier and being supportive all the way.

Oakley: The visit to the safehouse in London was unbelievable, giving us the opportunity to build our own  personally designed sunglasses and giving us some amazing goodies to go with it.

Skins:  The most comfortable compression gear I have ever had, Keeping me warm on those cold rainy days in London and allowing me to be race ready after my long flight.

Kulu swimwear: Thank you for my Beautiful bikinis, although the London weather did not play apart, I’m sure Rio is waiting though.

NatureZone water: Thank you for keeping me refreshed and revitalized before, during and after training.

Skullcandy: Seriously Amazing!!What would I do on my half hour trips to the race course and how would I have been able to focus before my race without you?

Best 4 Health: thank you for all the support making it easier for me to concentrate on training performing to my best.

Lastly I would like to thank my family who has been there for me at all times, I would like to thank my dad who has spent many hours with me at the dam helping me with technique, video analysing and who believes in me. My Boyfriend Ryan wow you spent many hard long hours joining in sessions with me when we used to get kicked out the gym because they were closing and we were trying to complete a 500 rep gym session. For helping me with all the admin and for wanting to be behind me for the next 4 years.

One where to next…

Rio, The next 4 years are going to be filled with lots of hard work and dedication, next year there are 3 world cups in Europe I hope to attend all 3 to gain as much race experience as possible, I will also be doing a few local races and some surf ski to mix it up a little for next year.

And her closing thought…

Thank you so much it has been an absolute pleasure and I am looking forward to keeping you updated with my results.

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