Andy Roddick – Thanks for the memories

At the 2012 US Open, one of my favourite tennis players of all time, Andy Roddick retired. Andrew Stephen Roddick broke onto the pro tour in 2001 after dominating the Junior Tour including winning the US and Australian Junior Opens. But the thing that propelled Roddick into the record books was his performances that propelled him to the World No 1 position as well as winning the 2003 US Open. Many will underestimate how good Roddick really was, but his biggest problem was being at his peak at the same time as arguably the greatest player ever, Roger Federer.

Andy Roddick faced the Swiss Maestro in 8 Grand Slam matches, including four finals, and was on the losing end every time. This was probably mostly highlighted in the 2009 Wimbledon final in a match often included in the greatest tennis matches of all time!

But why was Andy Roddick one of my favourites? Well it was not just down to his incredible skill, which includes the fastest ever serve at the time (In 2004 at Montreal), the brilliant net-play and the huge forehand. Roddick was one of my favourites for a few different reasons and here is a tribute to what he leaves behind:

1. His imitation of Maria Sharapova

2. His imitation of Rafa Nadal while playing Roger Federer

3. This is what he is married to!

4. He makes fun of a lot of people

5. His press conferences are awesome

Tennis will miss the brilliance of Andy Roddick and I personally will miss his comic genius on the court!

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