Sports stars are doing it Gangnam Style!

Psy might not be your cup of tea, in fact you might find him more annoying than Justin Bieber singing, or talking, or existing for that matter. But there is one thing that is for certain, his internet sensation song “Gangnam Style” is garnering worldwide interest, the kind we haven’t seen since a zit on a teens forehead before a first date. And its not just Ellen Degeneres who is going crazy for the Gangnam style, its sports stars around the world. In fact, I cant wait for my injury to heal so I can Gangnam Style celebrate my next goal, boundary or catch!

Edinson Cavani got into the act when scoring a goal for Napoli against Parma, a few of the West Indies cricketers did it when they beat Australia in the Semi Final of the World T20, with the whole team doing it in style after beating Sri Lanka in the final of the World T20. Of course if its fun to be had, Novak Djokovic is never far behind and after trying it out with Nicholas Almagro, he did it as the celebratory dance after winning the China Open.

Edinson Cavani


West Indies Semi Final


West Indies Final


Djokovic and Almagro


Djokovic – China Open


Okay so there is another one that has come to my attention, Kevin Pietersen must have been delighted when he got a new central contract, so here is his attempt at Gangnam Style!


Seen any other great ones? Let us know and we will try and get the video for it!

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