Africa Qualifier Day 3 Gallery

South Africa continued their impressive start to the African Qualifier for the under 21 World Cup in Delhi with the ladies beating a very negative Kenya side 5-1 and the gents maintaining their clean sheet record in a 6-0 win against a very spirited Ghanaian side. Marcel Sigg was there again for us and took these great photos. For more updates on the tournament follow us on Facebook or twitter and check out the Run Ride Dive facebook page for more!

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] DSC_2629.jpgDSC_2650.jpgDSC_2654.jpgDSC_2657.jpgDSC_2660.jpgDSC_2672.jpgDSC_2679.jpgDSC_2688.jpgDSC_2696.jpgDSC_2697.jpgDSC_2707.jpgDSC_2721.jpgDSC_2740.jpgDSC_2749.jpgDSC_2764.jpgDSC_2817.jpgDSC_2822.jpgDSC_2833.jpgDSC_2848.jpgDSC_2859.jpgDSC_2861.jpgDSC_2880.jpgDSC_2887.jpgDSC_2896.jpgDSC_2913.jpgDSC_2922.jpgDSC_2926.jpgDSC_2931.jpgDSC_2939.jpgDSC_2946.jpgDSC_2975.jpgDSC_2986.jpgDSC_3001.jpgDSC_3006.jpgDSC_3012.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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