The Angry Birds Karting Team: Round 2 by Alex ‘BA’ Boryna

Alex ‘BA’ Boryna in Action

August 24th saw the second instalment of the racing season with Angry Birds, Raees and Gerhardt putting the pedal to the metal for the first time. As the air of qualifying grew thicker with anticipation, Nathan and Dirk got ready to set the pace to put us as far forward as they could.
After a quick couple laps and improved qualification, Raees went out and started the race from a very admirable and well set third place by Nathan “Go Baby” Miles. Not yielding any position he stuck it out in third and pulled off the fastest time in the team, a monstrous 16.4! His excessive speeding meant that our kart was the third fastest kart overall and brought us that slight bit closer to the heels of our competition!

Team leader Dirk delivered a massive 40 laps in just 10 minutes setting the standard quite high for racers in and out of the team. Raees did the quickest lap with a stellar 16.1!

Team members Taryn and Alex showed drastic improvements and smashed their old records by a couple 10ths of a second.

The Birds improved considerably with every member breaking the 17sec mark. We also added an additional twenty six laps overall and hit personal bests across the board. Due to some very competitive racing from the other teams, some minor difficulties refuelling, Gerhardt driving Nathan over or vice versa and then subsequently hitting the marshal and a kart, we lost a couple laps and ended up in 4th for the remainder of the race!

All in all we had a great time and look forward to kicking a little more tail in the next race!

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