The IMPI Challenge is Here!


So this year I take on a new adventure and that adventure is the Impi Challenge. I first heard about the Impi last year when a Team Xtreme team-mate told me all about it. So doing as I always do here on All Things Jabu, I investigated it to find out what it’s all about. And thanks to the awesome team at the Impi, I had all my questions answered.

The Impi Challenge is a long distance obstacle course taking place over 12 km with 17 obstacles (There is also the elite competition, but that’s out of our league). The race was run for the first time with 250 people in Cape Town in 2009. Now in its fifth year, the Impi will run for two days in Cape Town, two days in Gauteng and one day in Kwazulul Natal, giving competitors 5 opportunities to run.


What I like about the Impi, is from viewing photos, videos and testimonials, the Impi Challenge is exactly that, a challenge, but the social dynamic has never been more important. Teams arrive dressed in different forms of costumes from the “Kung fu Panda’s” to the “Team Smurf”. The opportunity to work together to help each other to complete the Challenge fits right in with the ideals of team work, comradeship and fun and the event will be second to none in 2013.


And of course like any great event in South Africa, the Impi is aligned with a charity, the Woodside Special Care Centre, a non-profit private residential home for intellectually and physically disabled children and young adults. The centre offers a wide range of services designed to promote the development of each resident.  Since the start of the Impi Challenge, they have donated about R40 000 in cash and equipment with last year’s proceeds going towards the establishment of a recovery room.  This in itself should make you want to join in and make a difference.


So here are the details you need to know:
6/7 April – Gauteng
18 May – Kwazulu Natal
19/20 October – Western Province

Challenge – R350 per person in CT and Jhb and R300 per person in Natal
Elite – R550 per person



Impi Challenge and Festival

Enjoy this video to get into the vibe and get your entries in now. Stay tuned to All Things Jabu as we will be introducing our Impi Team (The ATJ Mean Machine) to you as well!