A Morning with Quantum


You drive for show and you putt for dough has never been more irrelevant. On Saturday the 2nd February I headed off to the brilliant Serengeti Golf Estate to meet up with the Quantum Driving guys. The idea on the day was that I would interview some of the top guys in the country and receiving some coaching from the guys on how to improve my drive to make it long.

These guys are to golf what T20 is to cricket, entertaining and refreshing. Quantum Driving is a supporter friendly sport that encourages mass participation and gives you an opportunity to test your own ability against guys that drive a ball further than most of us hit two shots. It really is a site of beauty.

So the first thing I got down to was chatting to the guys and in this video you can see all those chats compiled for you with all you need to know about Quantum and the Long Drive game!

So get on down to Serengeti Golf Estate on Saturday 16 February anytime between 10:00 and 16:00 and be a part of the first Quantum event of 2013.

Special thanks to Serengeti Golf Estate for hosting us, its a World Class golf course so get down on the 16th and have an awesome jol with all of us!