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On Saturday morning I headed down to Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate to watch the first Quantum Driving Challenge of 2013. I was really excited about watching the first competition of the year after I spent some good time with them a fortnight ago.

For those that dont know anything about Quantum Driving, Quantum Driving is essentially the proud hosts of the sport of Long Drive that culminates in the International Long Drive Challenge (ILDC for short), where the longest hitters of a golf ball from SA, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and more countries battle it out in individual and team formats to determine who are the true Olympians when it comes to the extreme form of golf.

Venue for the day - The brilliant Serengeti
Venue for the day – The brilliant Serengeti

As previously pointed out by Lumar Fourie, one half of the bash brothers, its very hard to say before the day what a good distance would be. At Serengeti you are often met with a cross or head wind and the being summer the grass is greener and there is a lot less run than in the winter months. So distances would be hard to gauge but thoughts were that anything over 350 metres would be competitive on the day.

The day provided non-stop action for the impressive amount of fans present, who were treated early on by SA Team members Gerhard Coetzee and Jarryd van Niekerk setting the early drives of 363 and 366 m respectively. Jarryd’s day took a turn for the worse when he over-swung and twisted his ankle. He did, however, continue to stun everyone by consistently hitting over 350m for the rest of the day, despite not being able to swing fast!

Some of the Competitors
Some of the Competitors

Soon big hitting Joe van Wyk took to the tee box and he was in devastating form. Joe consistently out-drove the field and took the lead with a distance of 373m! At one stage Joe was theoretically in first, second and third! This was the best we have seen of Joe to date, so fans can expect a stellar year from hi. Joe remained in the lead, until SA Team member Nico Grobbelaar stunned everyone with a drive of 389m, something that beat his target of 375 quite comfortably! He followed that in his next set with a 385m drive, so undoubtedly the best performance of the day! Other consistent hitters were 2010 and 2012 ILDC Champions Lumar Fourie and Jason Cook, as well as SA Team Members David Melman, Keith Starke and Leon Peyper. All Things Jabu will be chatting to Nico in an upcoming JabuView, so be sure to check it out!

Winner on the day - Nico Grobbelaar
Winner on the day – Nico Grobbelaar

If you have never been to a Quantum Driving event you really have to. Guys like Loudmouth Golf and Sash Martinengo have thrown their backing to the sport and with the exceptional work that Gerhard Coetzee, Matthew Eglinton and the boys are doing to promote their game.

Results – Quantum Driving Challenge

Open Mens Division:

  1. Nico Grobbelaar: 389.4m
  2. Joe van Wyk: 373.3m
  3. Gerhard Coetzee: 368.2m
  4. Leon Peyper: 368.1m
  5. David Melman: 367.3m
  6. Jarryd van Niekerk: 366.9m
  7. Jason Cook: 366.6m
  8. Keith Starke: 363.5m
  9. Lumar Fourie: 361m
  10. AJ du Plessis: 355.9m

Ladies Division:

  1. Yvette Victor: 291.1m
  2. Leandri van Rooyen: 271m

Senior Men:

  1. Nico van Wyngaardt: 293.1m
  2. Lukas Fourie: 283.2m
  3. Paul Enslin: 271m

Junior Division:

  1. Calvin Cornell: 333.1m (14yrs old)

To find out more follow Quantum Driving of their Facebook page and Twtter @quantumdriving for regular updates or check out their website

2 thoughts on “The Quantum Driving Challenge

  1. Dimples says:

    Nico is undoubtedly the best long driver in the country at the moment! Well done! Amazing distance.

    I was there on Saturday and I always thought that they were hitting or tarmac or something. The range was soaked from the previous night’s rain and very green. In theory it was impossible to hit it past 360 meters!!

    Was quite an experience to watch all of these monsters in action. Will try to get myself to a few more events!

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