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Last week Friday I headed down to the PUMA Social Club in Jozi, possibly the best pop-up club in South African history. Along with me came some of my twitter friends Kate Nokwe, Matt Black, Tim Hills from Saf-fa and many more.

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If you have never been to the PUMA Social Club, you need to start getting there soon. Including tonight, there are only 6 weeks left of the brilliance in Braamfontein. I arrived early with my brother and when you arrive you are met with what could simply be described as awesome. There are book shelves made of skate boards, roof design made of pool cues and a bar made out of cases of beer!

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There is a host of social activities to get involved in as there are table tennis tables, a crane machine, a photo booth, a pool table and arcade games (Streetfighter – where I kicked my brothers but with a combination of all 6 buttons at once). The vibe is as chilled as can be and in amongst the emotions of the Oscar Pistorius bail hearing, it was the perfect place to go down and unwind.

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The music was a brilliant mix of classic favourites, the company was a mix of epic awesomeness and the drink was a mix of the finest craft beers in the land. The evening itself was a mix of fun, relaxation and party, a mix that is not the easiest to create, but that the PUMA Social Club has deliver with a style so akin to the popular brand.

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If you haven’t been down to the PUMA Social Club, you really should have an introspective view at your life and wonder why you would choose to punish yourself by abstaining from awesome.

So go over here and register for free entry, take lots of photos, tweet with #PumaSocialClub and have an epic time.

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