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As you will know from my previous posts, I am a support member of the Unogwaja Challenge this year. As a part of this crew I have been contacted with some of the most incredible people in the world. One of these is Tiago Dionisio, “The Pope”, a Comrades ambassador from Portugal. Of course one of the things that we have in common is that we are all Red Sock wearers. The other day Tiago sent off an email to inform us about Dean Karnazes, probably the most famous ultra runner in the world and of course how he has joined our legion of ShoOops! After reading a bit about Dean, I thought I had to share some stuff about him with all of you. Prepared to be inspired.

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Dean Karnezes is an ultra runner that takes the conventional meaning of ultra to a level that far exceeds what us mere mortals are in line with. Dean recently completed an incredible and unthinkable target of running 50 marathons in 50 days across 50 different states in America. This was culminated in running the New York Marathon as the final one, finishing inside three hours. In fact he has also run a 200-metre relay race solo alongside teams that were comprised of 12 members. He ran across incredible heats in Death Valley and incredible cold in Antartica.

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His awards are limitless and include being voted into the top 100 of Mens Health’s fittest men on earth, he won the 4 deserts overall champion (Something Ryan Sandes has since gone on to win) and in 2006 was in the Times 100 most influential people on the planet. Of course what is inspirational is not that he does these limitation tests, but rather the attitude that his challenges are to inspire others to get outside and get busy.

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Feeling completely inspired by Dean, we will be getting out and running and what better way than getting involved with one of the Red Sock runs that are popping up around the country.

Western Cape:

Red Sock Run Thorp Motors Claremont, 233 Main Road Claremont. Starts at 6am. Coffee and biscuits after the run.

Red Sock Run Edgemead. Meet at BP Garage Letchworth, Edgemead. Starts at 5:30am. Coffee and biscuits after the run.

Red Sock Run Greenpoint. Meet at Cafe Neo. Starts at 6am.

Red Sock Run Fishhoek. Meet at Fishhoek Engen Garage. Starts at 18:00.

Red Sock Run Stellenbosch. Meet at Cafe Vida. Starts at 7am.


Red Sock Run from Naval Hill. Starts at 5:20am.


Red Sock Run from Cambridge Crossing, JHB. Starts at 5am.

To find out more follow @RedSockFriday on twitter.

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