Warrior #2, Be Brave

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On Sunday 17 March 2013, I took on one of the most popular events to have launched in South Africa, the Warrior Challenge. As you may have read before, this would be my second go at one of the most challenging adventures to have launched in South Africa.

Warrior 2 took place at Smutshouse in Irene over Saturday and Sunday, with approximately 5000 people taking on the extreme adventure. We once again had to face the Mud Monster,  a nemesis of mine from Warrior 1, as well as the returning slipknot, crawling under barbed wire and the balancing beams.

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We of course were also greeted with some new, tough challenges including the Great Wall of China, a 6 metre slide, the pile of tyres, trekking down the river and the excellent and completely freezing Ice bath (A skip filled with Ice and water, that you had to swim through in a rush.)The venue for the course was, in my opinion, perfect and a lot more scenic than that at Stoke City for Warrior 1. The hike section up the back of the course was tough, but rewarding and overall the aesthetic dynamic of Warrior was a lot more to be appreciated.

The Challenge itself was tough, but in completing it as a team it was social and enjoyable as well as far muddier than the first race! I will not forget that in the Mud Monster, my team mates and I partnered up with some other random Warriors to help each other scale the toughest of all the obstacles. The comraderie is a big draw factor that Warrior has and is one of the big factors behind their incredible success.

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I want to thank my team Darryl and Tarryn de Swart, Jarred Barnard, James Tyler and Chanille Fourie for helping me have a thoroughly enjoyable day. An even bigger thanks to Belinda and Marc McClure for coming through to support (Marc went off three hours after us) and Simone Barnard for her support.

When I woke up on Monday my right arm may have been covered in more scratches than my sisters car, my right hand looks like I have in a bar fight, my left knee was bruised and grazed. I may have woken up with pain in certain parts of my body. I may have woken up and found mud in places I never knew I had. But more importantly, I woke up, with another Warrior Challenge completed and an eagerness for the 11th May to hurry up and arrive as I finish my 3rd challenge.

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To find out more about the Warrior Challenge, check them out at http://www.warrior.co.za, on Facebook or on Twitter. The next event takes place on the 11 and 12 May in Gauteng and will once again test you to #BeBraveOn a side note, All Things Jabu would like to express our sincere condolences to the loved ones of the Warrior that passed away. We will be wearing black armbands at the May event in memory of the fallen Warrior.

For more images from the Warrior race, check out Run Ride Dive

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All images taken by Simone Barnard

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