Go with your heart – Unogwaja 2013

Unogwaja 01

As a long time friend and supporter of Red Sock Friday, 2013 saw Jabu join up with the Unogwaja Challenge as a non-travelling support member. The adventure of a lifetime saw 12 cyclists from around the globe take on the ultimate biathlon known to man. A ten-day cycle was followed by the ultimate race, the Comrades Marathon. The message not just to do something crazy, but to follow your heart and take an opportunity to make a difference. In other words, to be ShoOops!

Now two months on from the completion of Unogwaja 2013, the short film has been released. The film was an incredible piece of work put together by Pete Norton, Zayne Botha and Andrew “GI” King of D4 Productions. The video captures the emotion so hard to describe in words and is a testament to the love shared between the Unogwaja team. So here it is, the Unogwaja 2013 – Go with Heart.

To watch on a mobile phone, follow this link – Unogwaja 2013 – Go with Heart!


 And as you read this through tear-filled eyes, it comes on the back of some outstanding news. Etana Insurance have signed on as the title sponsor of the Unogwaja Challenge going forward. It means that the difference being mad will be felt long into the distance.

Like the Unogwaja’s say, it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you go with your heart!

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