10 Reasons why we will miss PUMA Social Jozi

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PUMA Social Jozi is edging towards the end of its stay in the Jozi suburban lifestyle. The pop up club has been running for the past year every Friday night and has led to many hours of fun, partying and ultimately socialising! So as we face the final two weeks of the Braamfontein based party, here are the 10 reason why we will miss the PUMA Social Jozi.

10. The Beer

Okay, so I know I can get the brilliance of Steph Weiss and Bone Crusher elsewhere, but those beers are epic and getting them at the PUMA Social Club made them taste a little bit better for me. I’ll drink to that!

9. That bear and his, um, lady

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In fairness, this bear actually made our friend the Happy Hacker a little bit scared, but his random presence was part of what made the PUMA Social Club that much more memorable. It was with the kind of excitement I hide at a certain Justin Bieber song playing, that I held back at the joining of the PUMA bear. I also beat him at a table tennis point, which was pretty epic.

8. Tumi

Is there any better “hostess” than Tumi. The lady behind the video’s that highlighted the awesomeness of PUMA Social Jozi, was always a positive and brilliant addition at the club. Her journey around the club was followed by an aura of positivity and laughter.

7. #GetMeIn

Okay, so I never entered this competition myself, but the #GetMeIn campaign was wicked. Each week a #GetMeIn theme was sent and if you entered on Twitter you could skip the queue (Which on some nights was more than around the block!) and have a few drinks on PUMA. Epic idea.

6. The Chalkboard Walls

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Okay, so this has got me into a bit of trouble. But the chalkboard walls at PUMA Social Club invite all guests to come on in and share their awesomeness. It’s a wicked idea, its hastag friendly and its something that Mike’s Kitchen did not appreciate me doing the other day.

5. The Epic Entertainment

If PUMA got only one thing right in the PUMA Social Club, it was the range of entertainment that they delivered. From Matt Sutner on a weekly basis, there was also the likes of PH Phat, Gangs of Ballet, Jack Parow, Shortstraw, Tha Cutt and so many more brilliant South African bands.

4. #RespectingTheHangover

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Ah. Hangovers suck, but working towards them never had as much meaning as when you were at PUMA Social Club. Saturday mornings will feel a bit different in the future.

3. The sporting activities

I love sport, I mean it is what I write about on a regular basis. One of my favourite things about the PUMA Social Club was the integration between club and sports bar. You could go down on a Friday and play table tennis, foosball, pool, chess and darts even (not advisable). It’s weird how Dros are not so keen on me using their tables for table tennis.

2. Kings of Pong

PUMA Social Jozi 8

When you have a venue as unique as the PUMA Social Club, you must have a competition just as unique. The idea was the Kings of Pong, a multi-week ping-pong battle. It was a fierce battle but in the end there could only be one winner and that winner was Bazinga who won the pride of the fight and a cool R20 000 to boot.

1. The United Party of South Africans

We have spoken on a multitude of occasions about the ability of sport to unify the nation, but the PUMA Social club decided to do the same. The party was a brilliant mix of all South Africans and an epic way to end a week or rather to start a weekend, in a proudly South African way.

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So the party ends next Friday, make sure you get yourself down to the PUMA Social Club either this week or next for a last visit for the closing club. Check it out at www.pumasocialjozi.com

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