EFC Africa 23 – Its gonna be Extreme

Tonight 26 warriors will step into the hectagon and battle it out in Africa’s finest mixed martial arts competition. Tonight will also give not one, but two title fights to spectators in what promises to be an unforgettable showpiece. Tonight is EFC Africa 23.

Andrew "One Gear" van Zyl
Andrew “One Gear” van Zyl

Two title fights headline tonight’s event. Universally feared heavyweight champion Andrew ‘One Gear’ van Zyl defends his belt for the first time against Sors ‘Guru’ Grobbelaar, a kickboxing specialist on a trail of KO victories. Similarly Michiel Opperman, the submissions specialist who is yet to be defeated in the EFC AFRICA Hexagon, defends his welterweight belt for the first time against the man with the fastest hands in the division; Dino Bagattin.

Michiel Opperman
Michiel Opperman

“It’s going to be an explosive fight,” said Van Zyl of tomorrow night’s encounter, “I plan to push him hard.”

And while many may think of the brute force demonstrated by these gladiators of the ring, there is a touching story behind the heavyweight title fight. Sors Grobbelaar decided to dedicate the fight to the Global Child Cancer Awareness Month, using his fight to raise awareness for child cancer and to specifically support the Little Fighters Cancer Trust, an NPO committed to easing the lives of child cancer sufferers and their families.

Van Zyl has gone on board as well and after hearing of his support for the initiative, EFC Africa have put up R5000 for the charity of the winner of the headline bout. Now thats human spirit!

Its going to be a night of big hits, tight holds, great submissions. In short, its going to be Extreme!

EFC23 2

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