The Jabuview with Meyrick Pringle

We were lucky enough to interview Meyrick Pringle for All Things Jabu. He was a legendary cricketer for South Africa and one of the true characters of the game.

ATJ (All Things Jabu) – What has been keeping you busy since you retired from playing cricket?

MP (Meyrick Pringle) – I was running a private cricket Academy in India (Jaipur) – Then head coach for the Rajasthan 1st class side this last season in Jaipur – Now back in SA and consulting for Cricket Namibia.

ATJ – What are your views on T20? Is it a version of the game you would have liked to play?

MP – I love the T20, it’s short and sweet, and loads of fun, not only for players but for spectators as well. Hell yes, I would have loved to have played the T20 game!

ATJ – You recently became the first white sportsman to commentate in Xhosa, where did you learn the language?

MP – I was brought up on a farm in the Eastern Cape (Adelaide) where I learnt Xhosa. As a young kid when we played with our staffs kids we only spoke Xhosa to each other, I leant Xhosa before English.

ATJ – What are your thoughts on the Gary Kirsten leaving the SA Squad?

MP – Gary did an amazing job for India and he brought that knowledge to SA. It’s the hardest place in the world to coach. I think it was the right time, he needed time with his family, I agree on his retirement.

ATJ – South Africa have struggled with leadership in the shorter versions of the game, who do you think would be an appropriate leader for the team?

MP – I believe in ONE captain and he must have the final say in selection with his coach.

ATJ – What was the highlight of your cricket playing career?

MP – I would have to say it is the 4 for 11 I took against the West Indies at the 1992 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Then it would be the 1st ever test between SA and West Indies in Barbados, although we lost, it a great test match.

ATJ – Where can our readers get hold of you and hear more about you?

MP – Follow me @MeyrickPringle or like my Facebook Page.

ATJ – If you could give young cricketers one piece of advice, what would it be?

MP – Stick to what you know best, don’t try too many things. Stay healthy.

ATJ – All Things Jabu is a blog about all sport, what other sport are you a fan of and who do you support?

MP – Big F1 Fan – Ferrari, Soccer – Liverpool and a BIG BOK FAN, I love Rugby!

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