Meet our Pit Wall Lady – Claire Earley

Claire 22014 has seen some exciting events in sport as well as here on the blog. The new year saw us select a new columnist for the Pit Wall, our F1 column. The lady in question is Claire Earley and her writings have been fantastic stuff. We wanted you to get to know our latest addition to the team, so we asked her a few questions.

Firstly tell us about your love for sport?

I have always loved sports. I grew up swimming and playing hockey, tennis and golf as well as attempting to run every now and again, so I have always been fairly active. My love for sports grew as I started to understand what went into a big match or race, and what happened behind the scenes to make everything work, so I guess you could say I have always been a strategist

Why the big passion for Formula 1

Formula One was something of a ritual for me growing up. Every Sunday my family would sit round the TV and watch the races, so I grew up with that noise always filling my ears. Initially I loved it for the noise, the speed and the passion the fans showed during the races, but as I got older and understood the technology and hours of strategising that went on before the race, I started to love it even more and to get even more involved with it.

Claire 3What has been the sporting highlight for you as a fan so far?

My first Grand Prix. I was lucky enough to attend the Monaco Grand Prix in 2008, and although I can’t tell you who won, or what even happened during the race, I can tell you that I got goosebumps from the noise, and that I spent two hours utterly mesmerised without distraction. When sport is able to take you somewhere else during the event, for me, that’s when you form the biggest connection to it.

Honestly, can anyone stop Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes this year?

At the moment? I don’t think so. The Mercedes car is so supreme, and Lewis looks so comfortable and in control behind the wheel, so I think, barring a miracle from the other teams, this is Mercedes year.

ClaireWhat about other sports, who do you support?

I love tennis, especially clay season! I love watching Rafa play, he’s incredible when he’s on form! (I guess you could say I have a thing for Spaniards haha!)

Which one sports star would you love to meet?

I would love to meet Alonso or Rafa obviously, but I would also love to meet Kimi, he’s a phenomenal racer, and has one of the most “interesting” personalities and perspectives on the sport.

Claire 4And if you were to wear any sport shirt tomorrow, which one would it be?

I have an old Ferrari t-shirt that I was given years ago that is still my favourite. No names on it, just the team, which is all I really need!

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