Are you ready for Nike “The Last Game”

LAST_GAME_POSTER_1_largeOver the years Nike have released some of the greatest adverts in football history. There “Write the Future” and “Take it to the Next level” generated numerous amounts of discussion and millions of YouTube visits. It also caused fans to wait excitedly for the next campaign as Nike look to Risk everything in the advertising campaign.

And 2014 has produced the Risk Everything campaign. The campaign has just hit its third part, but before we watch “The Last Game” lets check back in with what was previously released by the football giants.

The campaign started with the suitably titled Risk Everything video highlighting stars Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jnr and Wayne Rooney with the beautiful tagline of Pressure shapes legends.

Next up we moved onto the “The Winner Stays” a brilliant take on what many of us imagined back in our school yard and garden footballing days. The video features Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Eden Hazard, Pique, David Luiz and of course the brilliant Andrea Pirlo. This is a winner

Today Nike unleashed phase 3 of the Risk Everything campaign with an incredible animated short film where clones have taken over the sport and heroes (The Originals) have been left to do mundane tasks, including Wayne Rooney the fisherman and Zlatan the program salesmen.

Nike have risked everything in their current campaign, smashing the borders of whats been done in the past. Its a friendly reminder to “Never Play it Safe”

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