FIFA World Cup – Round of 16 Review

An exciting round of 16 saw less goals but rather some gutsy battles that went the distance. The total goals at the tournament have already eclipsed that of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and there are some riveting ties set up for the Quarter Finals. Without any further babble,  let’s get into the review of the Round of 16.

Goal of the Round – James Rodriguez (1) vs. Uruguay

colombiagoal3Although we were treated to less goals this round, there were still some pearls. Giovani dos Santos and Wesley Sneijder both hit bolts. But ultimately you have to look to the man who leads the scoring charts. It was a beautiful cushioned chest into a blitzing volley that had the decency of going in off the crossbar. James Rodriguez goal will be on the top 5 list at the end of the tournament and for many might top it.

Player of the Round – James Rodriguez

FIFA World Cup (4)And of course it was not just his goals that caused him to have an outstanding round. The Monaco man’s all round play has been outstanding and has seen him mentioned as a possible signing for multiple clubs. Of course that touting is by those that forget just a year ago that Monaco paid 45 million for him. His stock has risen and Colombia’s chances have increased as a result.

Controversy of the Round – Arjen Robben dive

FIFA World Cup (1)Firstly, the penalty was a penalty. It was a poor tackle by Rafael Marquez and although Arjen Robben went to ground more theatrically than Evita Bezuidenhout talking politics, it was a penalty. The controversy is more akin to his dive in the first round. It was atrocious, without class and should have received a booking. Robben, like Ronaldo, is a world-class footballer, who should let his football do the talking rather than his theatrics.

Nimwit of the Round – Arjen Robben

FIFA World Cup (2)He gets a second award too this week as post game Robben openly admitted that he dived. It’s almost like he is begging refs to send him off. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a French defender leave a foot in.

Team of the Round – Colombia

Colombia fans blow kisses before the 2014 World Cup Group C soccer match between Japan and Colombia at the Pantanal arenaColombia are probably the only winning team from the Round of 16 that truly dominated their game. From the first minute until the last Colombia looked like they would beat Uruguay and they duly delivered. It was also the only game where the losing side was well outplayed and not really in the game in the 90 minutes. Oh yes and this is all without their star man Falcao.

Upset of the Round – Colombia 2-0 Uruguay

Colombia v Cote D'Ivoire: Group C - 2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilAs there were no out-and-out upsets in the Round of 16, the biggest upset was probably this game in the sense that Uruguay were never in the game. Without Suarez they really lacked the bite (hahaha), and their attack was toothless (hahaha). But while Uruguay were poor, Colombia were outstanding and this one was never really much of a contest at all.

Match of the Round – Belgium 2-1 USA

FIFA World CupAlgeria and Germany produced a classic match, but the final game of the round of 16 produced the best match. Belgium battered away at the USA goal with Tim Howard making a record-breaking 16 saves. USA had a chance to win it in the 92nd minute but missed a sitter. Belgium scored two in the first half of extra time, USA got one back and then spent the time camping out in the Belgian half. We also saw arguably the greatest free kick move ever seen. It deserved a goal. The only pity about this game was the extra time ended!

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