PUMA & Arsenal: Stronger Together

PUMAThere is no secret to my love of Arsenal or to my love of PUMA. In what is in essence a match made in Jabu heaven, PUMA are now the official supplier of Arsenal Football Club after the 10 year contract came into effect on the 1st July 2014 ending the 20 year association of Arsenal and previous manufacturers Nike. The official kit launch will take place on the 10th July at 11pm UK time. However PUMA have already laid down the teaser with some great videos behind the scenes. Here are my favourite two:

The PUMA teaser for the new home kit “Forever”

The PUMA teaser for the new away kit “Victorious”

There was also the brilliant teaser picture with the full trilogy of kits being edited to be colourless. And although it caused some confusion initially it was another taste of what is about to come.

PUMA (2)Then there is the Arsenal Ladies, the first Arsenal team to wear a PUMA kit, as they took on Chelsea in the Womens Super League Continental Cup. The ladies emerged victorious 3-0 in what was an epic start for an Arsenal side wearing a PUMA kit. It was confirmed that this was a “Bespoke” kit, however it also matches a lot of the leaks we have seen throughout the year.

PUMA (1)I cant wait for Thursday night for the launch of the new kits. Quite excitingly there will also be a limited edition of the PUMA evoPOWER and EvoSPEED that much like the pink and blue World Cup boots, will be two colours. Red and White. Epic.PUMA (3)

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