Rhett Diaries – Games are well underway

Rhett DiariesThere is something rather special about walking into a capacity stadium representing your country in the sport you love. This opening ceremony was no exception. Glasgow put on a show for the athletes and we responded!

It is amazing how the atmosphere inside the village can change in the space of 12 hours. One moment it’s a New Years Eve party and the next time you look up athletes are in their Bose headphone music bubbles of preparation and focus.

Team South Africa spirits are always positive and our athletes have proven why we are such a competitive threat in world sport with a variety of medals across different codes.

We were fortunate enough to go and support our victorious BlitzBokke in their pool stages on our rest day.

RhettIn a hockey specific context, we have played 3 games vs Scotland (2-0), Australia (0-6) and Wales (5-1). Although our team has not been at full strength due to a few in competition injuries and the occasional concussion. We have fought hard as a group to put ourselves into a position to make the semi finals which will see us finish higher than our Commonwealth ranking of 5th.

Our final pool game vs India tomorrow is a quarter final. Push back is at 16:00 (Scotland time) and we appreciate all your support!

Rhett Halkett

Remember Rhett and the boys take on India for a place in the Semi-Finals (A win is needed, a draw will not be enough). So far the performances have been inspiring in their heart and the support will be an immense driving factor. Catch them live on Supersport and give them some love on Facebook and Twitter ahead of the game.

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