The Jabuveiw with Jim McFarlane

All Things Jabu chatted to the Godfather of the national SupaDrift series, Jim McFarlane. He is a highly talented drifter and one of the driving forces behind the success of the SupaDrift series.


ATJ: Tell us about your drift car?

JM: Nissan 350Z

Specs: Tein Super drift coil over suspension Custom F & R strut braces

Standard tie rod ends, adjustable camber arms Custom Roll cage

Custom body kit

Fibreglass bonnet and drift wing
Sparco racing seat
4 point seat belt harness
Hydraulic 2 – pot calliper h/brake
Exedy stage 2 clutch
Eng: 5.7L V8 LS1 motor
Custom radiator
Front mount oil cooler
GoTech management system
After market intake manifold, fuel rail and injectors Branch and external wastegate
Custom exhaust system

ATJ: How did you start drifting?

JM: I stole my Dad’s car a lot!! I actually saw it over in America while doing work for X Games, and decided to try it when we got back. Bought the current 350Z then and tried it out. The rest they say is history! Hooked, line and sinker!!

ATJ: Did you do any motorsport prior to drifting?

JM: Moto cross. We helped develop the very 1st Freestyle events in SA


ATJ: In your opinion is drifting a sport or an art?

JM: Both. It is the only Motorsport to be judged on how well you drive the car, and not how fast!

ATJ: What makes drifting so popular to spectators?

JM: The entire event is in front of you; instead of a 4-5km Track, where you can’t see the full show. It is also a great spectacle. The smoke, screeching tyres, proximity of cars at 140K/h going sideways is truly awesome!

ATJ: If you could go drift overseas, where would you go and why?

JM: I would love to go to Japan, but I think the biggest growth is in Europe. Good drivers and cars, and amazing spectators. Best tracks though are in Japan, but the world’s best track in my opinion is at Dezzi Raceway in Port Shepstone!


ATJ: What is your advice to wanna-be drifters keen to get involved in the sport?

JM: Get your own car. Build it up slowly, and don’t rely on other people promising you a drive. The only way to make it work is to do it slowly and enjoy the ride!! Literally!!

ATJ: Where is favourite track to drift?

JM: Dezzi raceway in Port Shepstone. The Corkscrew track.

ATJ: What other sports do you follow?

JM: F1, Motocross, Soccer and Rugby!


ATJ: What are your ambitions for the season and for your drift career?

JM: Hopefully can pull a few more podiums, and finish 3rd or 4th in the series. I am aiming to win a Supadrift and then an International or 2.


ATJ: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

JM: 2nd at SD06 Last Year. Was a great event and loved the close tandems. Driving was insane!

ATJ: Which drifter do you aspire to be?

JM: The best I can be! I enjoy drifting because of the skill required. You can go as far as your will can take you!!

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