Jabuview with BG Smit

BG Smit is well known within the drifting community as one of the nicest drifters around. His car known as ‘Barney goes Sideaways’, and is always a crowd favourite!

ATJ: Tell us about your drift car?

BG: I have a purple MK4 Toyota Supra named “Barney” with a 2JZGE-T motor Running at 324kw and 600NM on the wheels. It is fitted with a Blits Bodykit and a Veilside Wing.


ATJ: How did you start drifting?

BG: I actually started on games and simulators as GT5, and Live For Speed. About 4 Years ago I got the opportunity to Buy a drift ready car, and went to the Rock Raceway, Many of the competitors gave me a lot of insights, and tips.

ATJ: Did you do any motorsport prior to drifting?

BG: I navigated for my father in regional Off road racing for a few races, But never drove in a race before.

ATJ: In your opinion is drifting a sport or an art?

BG: It’s a mixture of the two in my mind. I see it as an art in the sense of its beauty as a spectator and a sport as a driver.


ATJ: What makes drifting so popular to spectators?

BG: The noise, the smoke, the atmosphere, all contributes to appeal for a spectator.

ATJ: If you could go drift overseas, where would you go and why?

BG: Ebisu in Japan, Ebisu for the awesome track layouts, And Japan because it’s the Home of drifting where it all started.

ATJ: What is your advice to wanna-be drifters keen to get involved in the sport?

BG: Come to an Event and speak to the drivers, if you have the pure Enthusiasm for the sport, nothing will stop you from doing it.


ATJ: Where is favourite track to drift?

BG: That is a hard question, I would say 3 tracks spring to mind: The Rock Raceway (That’s my home track where I started to Drift), Dezzi Raceway, And Phakisa.

ATJ: What other sports do you follow?

BG: Any other Motorsport I love to watch, but if there is drifting to watch I won’t change the channel.

ATJ: What are your ambitions for the season and for your drift career?

BG: For the season I would like to end on a high, we are currently in the top 10 in all 3 series we are competing in, and would like to end there for the year. for the rest of my drift career, I would like to be able to run with SA’s best.


ATJ: What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

BG: I must say there is no single highlight for me; everything has been an absolute pleasure, a dream come true if you will, every time I climb in my car, the world disappears for that time.

ATJ: Which drifter do you inspire to be?

BG: Defiantly Daigo Saito, his driving style and aggression is something to be admired. I would just like to say thank you to my sponsors. SA Argus, F-rix, and Mr Diagnostics, without them and all the fans, we will not be able to do what we do!

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