The Kimberly Rose Putt-Putt Challenge

puttputtcclogo1On her death bed Kimberly Rose had a dream. That dream was to record a song. She was able to follow this dream by recording a song with the Plastics which was featured on radio shows around South Africa. Kimberly had hoped for an opportunity and taken it. Now the foundation founded in her name are trying to give that hope to other cancer fighters. Something they have been doing for a while now.

On the 6 December they will be hosting the Kimberly Rose Putt-Putt Challenge on the pristine greens of Tyger Valley in association with the Momentum Golf Village. With it being Putt-Putt it gives an opportunity for mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, co-workers, really whoever, to test their skills and challenge one another. There will be the Corporate Challenge category as well as the General Category

You can read all about the event on their Facebook page here as well as book tickets on Quicket here.

The Putt-Putt will be the aim of the day, but its always important to think about what is being done with the money that is raised. There are two campaigns that are planned.

Kimberly Rose Cancer Foundation_Charity Putt Putt Challenge - CopyCampaign #1 is to raise funds for Red Cross Children’s Hospital to ensure moms and dads can travel with their children on treatment days. We’ve had first-hand experience of this so to see many children (as young as six months old) not being able to travel with their parents is devastating – we are on a mission to change that!

Campaign #2 is brand new and will kick off over Christmas, entitled “The Tell-A-Story Campaign” – through this we will hand-deliver gift packs to young cancer patients over Christmas and encourage them to use pictures and words to document their journey – the plan is then to collect all the packs and collate all the work, turning it into “The Book of Hope” which will be distributed to chemotherapy treatment rooms throughout the country with the hope of inspiring young cancer sufferers through seeing pictures and reading stories/poems of those who have come before them.


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