Join the VodacomRugga SuperBru

Super Rugby 8SupeRugby is on the verge of return with the action getting underway this Friday. One of the great ways to get involved is playing SuperBru and testing your predictive abilities (Yes I dont play the fantasy versions myself) and there are some outstanding pools out there. This year the one that has got us talking is the VodacomRugga SuperBru pool.

They are giving away outstanding prizes throughout the competition (Remember this is free of charge!):

  • They’re giving away a SupeRugby jersey every week for the Yellow Cap winner. 20 jerseys in total. Each week’s winner gets to choose which SA rugby jersey he/she wants which is pretty cool.
  • Main Prize for SuperBru winner at end of SupeRugby season  is 5 signed jerseys ( 1 from each Union ) and a Samsung Galaxy phone

If you are keen, the SuperBru pool name is VodacomRugga and Pool Code is ISMSNAME. Alternatively you can use this link which takes people straight to the pool page:

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