The Unogwaja Challenge Golf Day

Unogwaja (2)Regular readers of the blog will know that I am heavily involved with the Unogwaja Challenge, a challenge about spreading hope throughout South Africa and the world and motivating people to not just dream, but to believe it. And as I take up my role in the 2015 Unogwaja Challenge team, I too am helping in trying to raise money for the Unogwaja Challenge. In 2014 we raised a collective R1.1 million and our dream is to raise a a further R2 million this year (We are currently on R530 000 for 2015). Instead of asking you to just donate money, this year I have jumped on board with Red Train runner Nicole Parfitt to organise the first ever Unogwaja Challenge Golf Day. We would love you to join us as we raise funds for the Unogwaja Light fund. All the details are here if you are interested.

Unogwaja Golf Day sponsorship packages FINALIf you are unable to, you can still donate through the following link

Once there just follow the prompts and choose “Tyron Barnard” from the drop down. Help me to shine a light on those who are most in need with the Unogwaja Light Fund.

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