Quantum Long Drive – Its SA vs. Canada

Picture1You may remember from our past that we have a great friendship with the guys at Quantam Long Drive, the only real long drive sport in South Africa. Since we met them back in 2013, Gerhard Coetzee and the team have been working tirelessly to take Quantam to the next level.

It is now that we can proudly share the next step and that is the launch of the World League and with it comes the first test between South Africa and Canada to take place today (Friday 13 March) at 16:30 at Wanderers Golf Club. It will feature the three biggest hitters from the two respective countries will feature in a head to head battle royale. The event consists of the athletes playing three rounds, with the longest distance achieved by each gladiator counting towards the team total. On Saturday the men will play in an individual challenge also at Wanderers Golf Club.

Of course the sport of Long Drive is a lot of fun and the South African team, captained by Gerhard Coetzee and led by SA number 1 Jason Cook, will be wearing incredible kit sponsored by Loudmouth golf. The kit matches the kind of fun that spectators will see on Friday night.

This will be the first of the test matches with South Africa also playing host to the USA and a European side in 2015, the boys will be looking to get the team off with a massive win as we expect to see drives in the 400m range on Friday night.

The men have also been on a media whirlwind featuring on ANN7, SABC News and UJ Fm with Andrew Hope. The excitement is starting to build and the first ever test match in the World League and to get your appetite a bet wet, check out the video of the guys on Newsroom getting the excitement going.

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