Kevin Streelman you Legend

Kevin StreelmanKevin Streelman may have won the Par-3 contest at the Masters, and with it the unwanted curse, but the real reason he makes the news and our blog today is his caddy. The Par-3 contest is known for its family day of fun attitude and often sees players accompanied by their wives, kids or other family members. It also from time-to-time sees celebrities used as caddies as really you can choose anyone and just have a fun day out before the best golf major starts.

And in a day when One Direction singer Niall Horan was on the course, on a day when Jack Nicklaus hit one of five aces and a day when Tiger returned to the par-3 contest for the first time in a decade, the most riveting story was that of the young caddie that was selected to carry the bag of Kevin Streelman.

Streelman was making his fourth appearance at the Par-3 contest and had previously used his father, mother and his father-in-law as his caddies. This year that would change. Streelman decided he wanted to offer the opportunity to someone who really deserved it. His daughter, Sophia, was born the previous December amidst pregnancy complications. She’d spent seven days in the NICU before coming home. Enduring that afforded him a matured perspective.

Streelman’s caddie was neither a family member nor a celebrity. Ethan Couch is a 13-year-old golfer with a benign but inoperable brain tumor. Streelman was put in touch after contacting the Make-A-Wish Foundation to see if there was someone the tour pro could bring to the Masters. When Streelman eventually spoke to Couch, he went one better, offering him a spot on the bag. 

Of course at the end of the day the team of Streelman and Couch celebrated by winning the Par-3 contest, but the memory of the day will stand Couch well in his ongoing health battles. With golfers being afforded millions in money and even more in ego, it is special that Streelman chose to use an opportunity to make a massive difference for someone. Kevin you legend!

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