What Twitter shows about English Premier League Fans

English Premier LeagueThe English Premier League is often the most debated league in World Football and often the most discussed league on social media. Each of the teams have got their various social media accounts and Twitter is probably in the forefront for all of these clubs. Each of the English Premier League clubs have a social media account and now that has been analysed to see who are the leading clubs across the globe.

Today marked the launch of the Premier League follower map. For the first time, football fans will be able to see a detailed global breakdown of the Twitter followers of all 20 English Premier League clubs.  The map was created by looking at the official Twitter accounts for each team, using their followers as an indicator of allegiance. You can discover at a glance which teams dominate each country around the world.

Fans can toggle the map to view specifically their own club’s support worldwide; see the most popular clubs overall; and even compare their club with a rival. What’s more, by using the ‘Zoom to’ function you can pinpoint any country around the world instantly.

English Premier LeagueWhat about South Africa?

The race for first place in the South African map is close. Leading the field is Manchester United (@ManUtd – red) with 23.14%. Arsenal (@Arsenal – yellow) holds second place with 20.60% and Chelsea (@ChelseaFC – blue) clinches third spot with 17.83%. The followers are spread across the country with clusters of fans in the Western Cape and Gauteng. Given the success of these clubs it is no wonder that they are coming out on top.

And our Neighbours?

Interestingly South Africa’s neighbours don’t all agree on popularity. @ManUtd still places first in both Botswana and Namibia followed by @Arsenal and @ChelseaFC respectively. However, in Zimbabwe @ChelseaFC takes second place away from @Arsenal with @ManUtd retaining first place. What is surprising is that in Mozambique, first place belongs to Chelsea (25.18%) followed by Arsenal (22.08%) and Manchester United only managing third place (20.58%).

And is it linked to Players?

Arsene Wenger’s side maintain the stronghold in Nigeria (26.10%) which is largely attributable to Nwanko Kanu, one of the most decorated footballers in history, having plied his trade largely for Arsenal. Edin Dzeko sees Manchester City get a rare win in Bosnia, while Swanse sea incredible following in Iceland thanks to superstar Gylfi Sigurdsson and West Ham experience significant backing from Ecuador thanks to Enner Valencia featuring for the bubble blowing fans.

Check it out right here.

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