Its 20 Straight St. Totteringhams Days

Totteringham 4Jabu is a massive Arsenal fan and another season has passed with Spurs promising to challenge and qualify for the Champions League as well as finish above Arsenal for the first time in 20 years. Another season is coming to its end and that is no longer a possible conclusion. For the 20th straight season, Arsenal have secured a spot above Tottenham in the league, a day fancifully and favourably known as St. Totteringhams Day.

Here are some of the facts from the day over the years:

50 – The amount of times St. Totteringhams Day has occurred. This is only counted in Seasons where the teams are in the same division. (Otherwise it would be 65)

14 – The number of Tottenham Managers that have finished below an Arsenal managed by Arsene Wenger

34 – The number of games it took to confirm this seasons St. Totteringhams Day, its the quickest in number of games since 2009.

20 – The number of St.Totteringhams Days in a row, this is the longest sequence in history.

8 – The amount of times Tottenham have finished above Arsenal since 1971. Puts that sequence of 20 in perspective.

524 288 – The amount of money you would have if in 1995/96 you bet 1 buck on Arsenal finishing above Tottenham and then reinvesting at double or nothing each year.

0 – The amount of times Harry Kane has finished higher in the league than Olivier Giroud





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