Going the distance with well i am

The photo on the right is from 7 weeks ago. The one on the left is from last week...
The photo on the right is from 7 weeks ago. The one on the left is from last week…

38 days ago I embarked on my own journey with the well i am challenge. I had hidden behind a range of excuses regarding my weight and had failed to take ownership of my own situation. It was frankly embarrassing and something that I am slightly ashamed of. But we cant change the past, we can only change the future and with the determination that I had seen from my friends on the Unogwaja Challenge I took on the well i am challenge. 100 healthy days to changing my life. And I knew it was going to be the biggest challenge I have taken of.

Major stumbling blocks for me would surely be my love of sugar and my love of beer. How could I give up drinking a coca-cola product daily? How could I give up my weekly Castle Lite at football? How could I give up jelly beans? How could I give up Coffee? The answer was surprisingly easy. I have previously given up chocolate in a bet and have not eaten the nectar of the gods in 9 years. This would however be different. When I gave up chocolate, I replaced it with other vices. Now I refused to put in substitute products and rather change for the good, for good.

So 38 days in, how is my challenge going? Quite remarkably well. I travel fairly regularly for my day job and this has been challenging at times, but after 5 and a half weeks I am 12 kilograms down. 12 KGS!!! Here is the photo I took last week when the scale weighed in at 139.4kg, that was the day I passed through 10kgs (From my starting weight of 149.9). My belt has had to have an extra hole inserted and my pants are falling off, much to my wife’s delight. But probably the most noticeable thing is that my energy levels are through the roof. I am happier than I have been in many years on a daily basis. And I am getting a remarkable amount of compliments in the hall at work.

well i am (1)I have also been running more and more, inspired by Brad Brown (you really need to read his story if you haven’t) and have taken my 5km time from 56 minutes in March to 36 minutes last Saturday. What I am learning is that it is incredible once you set your heart on something, the mind backs it up immensely… There is nothing we cant do.

My own story is great, but there are so many more people with wonderful stories that you meet in the well i am members locker. If I could make this much change in 38 days, whats stopping you from changing your ways today. You will also get R200 off any joining fee from well i am if you join now. Be inspired. Live inspired.


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