We chat to Trail Running sensation Landie Greyling

Landie Greyling (1)I recently heard about Landie Greyling when my company, KPMG, announced a sponsorship of the trail blazing superstar. Landie has had a remarkable rise to the top and has won numerous races including the Otter Trail, the Skyrun, African X and Two Oceans Trail. The more I heard about Landie the more I knew that I had to chat to her and find out about what makes her tick!

Jabu: Every race you touch seems to turn to a win, what makes you that bit better than your competitors?

Landie: I believe passion and really enjoying what you do, gives you that edge. I simply love being on the trails, and the more challenging and technical for me, the better!

Jabu: Having won the Skyrun, African X, Otter Trail and Two Oceans Trail, which of these stands out for you the most and why?

Landie: Each of these experiences was so unique, but I will probably never forget the moment I became the first SA women to run the Otter under 5 hours in 2013. It is after all, South Africa’s most iconic trail run.

Landie Greyling (2)Jabu: You have recently signed a sponsorship with KPMG, what does that mean for you?

Landie: I am very proud to be associated with KPMG. Their professional approach, enthusiasm and support has been remarkable and I am very excited to build our brand together.

Jabu: Your racing takes you around the world as well as needs hours of training, how important is your support structures at home?

Landie: Without the incredible and loyal support from my husband, my parents and my friends, I would certainly not be able to do and achieve what I have. Being surrounded by people who believe in you and care for you, makes living your dream possible.

Jabu: How much do you train in a week?

Landie: It all depends on which distance and type of race I am training for, but a typical week would generally be around 20 to 25 hours of training, which includes strength, yoga and running sessions.

Landie Greyling (4)Jabu: As a long distance trail runner, would you ever consider doing the Comrades marathon if coupled with a Valley run?

Landie: I believe all South Africans who are into running should do the Comrades at least once in their lifetime. So it is on the bucket list, I just can’t tell you when…

Jabu: What is the next big goal for you?

Landie: My husband and I are taking part in the Goretex-Transalpine, an 8 day trail run which starts in Germany, crosses over Austria and finished in Italy. The total distance is 268km with a vertical gain of     16310m. The race takes place from 29 August to 5 September.

Landie Greyling (1)Jabu: Have you had to overcome any significant injuries over the couple of years?

Landie: I have been very blessed and cannot recall any significant injuries in the last couple of years. I believe regular massages, yoga, pilates and Activepatch4u (www.activepatch4u) is very important and has kept me injury free.

Jabu: How have your sponsors helped you now that you are running internationally more?

Landie: Salomon International has been simply amazing in this regard, inviting me to many international events and covering all my costs

Jabu: Do you think trail running could ever become an Olympic / Commonwealth sport?

Landie: Yes, once all the various Trail running, Mountain running and all other associations have sorted out their politics and differences.

Landie Greyling (5)Jabu: All Things Jabu is a blog about all sport, what other sports are you a fan of / participate in?

Landie: I also enjoy mountain biking and paddling, and I love to watch Tennis and Athletics.

Jabu: Lastly, where can our readers keep up to date with All Things Landie?

Landie: Website: www.landiegreyling.com

Twitter: @LanGreyling

Facebook page: Landie Greyling

Instagram: @landiegreyling

Jabu: Thanks so much Landie, good luck for your upcoming races. We will be supporting proudly!

All images are courtesy of Landie’s website. 

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