Jackal Creek Run

September saw myself and Taryn do our first night trail run at Jackal Creek Golf estate. They do a monthly night run, they have a 4km and an 8km. We did the 4km race as our starter – first night run so wanted to make sure we managed ok! The vibe was awesome leading up to the start with the MC making everyone stretch and PUMA and other sponsors making sure everyone was race ready.

We had a borrowed headlamp from our fellow runner Vaughn and we set off! It was a nicely sized group running, so we had fun running up and down greens. Down paths next to the water traps, having to avoid frogs that have crept onto the course! Even with one head light dying on us half way through we managed to carry on strongly. It was a well put together course and we’re keen to do it again!

It was a lot of fun, even though one of our headlamps died during the run we managed fine and ended up doing the run in 32mins, decent for our first try! Next time we want to break the 30 minute mark! Hopefully with a bigger group of us as after our first run we’ve had loads of people asking for more information on the run, it’s definitely a nice starter race to do. At only R50 for the 4km its kind on the pocket as well!


For more information on the run visit: http://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1457678491

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