The JabuView with Gowan Jones

Gowan Jones 2As part of our ongoing partnership with Futura Sports Agency, we have lined up another international star in Gowan Jones, one of their latest signings, for a chat about all things hockey. Gowan has been part of the South African Men’s Hockey team for a number of years now and has underlined his place as one of the top keepers in our land. It’s not the first time we have chatted with Gowan, but he provides class and honesty once again!

Jabu: The team have just had two series together for the first time since the SASCOC decision to not send the team to the Olympics, how is the vibe with the team?

Gowan: The vibe in the team was really good when we got together as a new group, it was almost like we had forgotten about the saga with SASCOC. The new guys slotted straight into the team as if they had been there for ages, this also made it very easy to play and play with freedom and enjoyment!

Jabu: There are a few guys from the U21 squad with the team, which of them do you rate for big things in the future with SA Hockey?

Gowan Jones 3Gowan: The u21 guys that I think will make a big name and push for positions in the team, are Rob Makinley and Charlie Bowren! The u21 squad is full of talent and character to dig deep!

Jabu: You were also involved in the coaching sessions with the team in December, what is it like coaching alongside Garreth rather than playing for him?

Gowan: I worked with Springs as part of the medical team and helping out with the keepers during the u21 selection camp! It is very easy to work with Springs, he has a plan for sessions and a goal that you have to reach during the sessions! So training under him and working with him are very similar! I do enjoy the way he works!

Jabu: You are having a monster tussle with Rassie and Jacques for the No 1. spot, how good is the relationship between the three of you?

Gowan: Myself and the other 2 keepers have a good relationship, even though we fighting for places we always there to keep the other on his toes and also to help out in tough situations! keepers are almost in their own team and have to keep each other going during camps and competitions! So yes I would say we get along well and learn a lot from each other!

gowanJabu: The Riverside Club tournament is one of the biggest in South Africa, will you be taking part in it?

Gowan: I will be taking part in the 2016 edition of the Riverside Elite Club Challenge. Looking forward to playing some good hockey and also meet up with some old friends!

Jabu: Was there ever a time when you considered retiring from National Hockey?

Gowan: After the decision from SASCOC not to send us, I did have to think about my game! I was helped by my family and Futura Sports Agency, to set plan for where I wanted to go, and how I was going to reach my goals that I had set from the early part of my career! So to answer your question, I know I am going to be playing for as long as possible!

Jabu: Which of your team mates have made the biggest positive impact on your career?

Gowan: A big influence in my game, is my good friend Tim Drummond. He is always positive no matter what situation we found our self’s in!

Jabu: You have just signed with Futura Sports, what was the reason for the move?

Gowan: The main reason I signed up with Futura Sports Agency, is that I have seen what they have done with the athletes that they represent already. I felt that, as an international athlete I should also have somebody looking after me and my career, so I can perform at my best every time I play!

Gowan Jones
Photo: Kent Locke from the Futura Sports Agency Instagram page

Jabu: And how have your early dealings with Paddy been?

Gowan: It’s very easy to deal with Paddy as he knows what it’s like at the top of your game and What needs to be done to be comfortable helping you to perform. He understands what athletes go through to be their best!

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