Are PUMA and Bryson DeChambeau the Perfect Match?


COBRA PUMA Golf DeChambeau 1 loBryson DeChambeau is slowly becoming a household name through his performances as an Amateur golfer but also for his zaney style and clubs. His performance at the Master saw him win the Silver Cup and finish in an incredible tie for 21st. Unusually all of DeChambeau’s irons and wedges are cut to exactly the same length, 37.5 inches. Their lie and bounce angle are also the same. Only the lofts are different. In addition, DeChambeau keeps the club on the same plane throughout his swing, and he also does not turn his wrists during his swing.

Bryson’s amateur career saw him become only the fifth player to win the US Amateur title and the NCCA Championship in the same season, the other four are Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Ryan Moore. DeChambeau has now turned pro and will make his first professional venture at the RBC Heritage this weekend. On turning pro DeChambeau announced his signing with PUMA. This means that Bryson will be wearing PUMA Golf apparel, accessories and footwear, as well as filling his bag with what will be custom made COBRA golf equipment. I personally believe that this is the perfect sponsorship and one that fits the brand so well.

COBRA PUMA Golf DeChambeau 7 loBryson has been described as an out the box thinker, which can be seen by his clubs all being the same length, and causing a fair amount of discussion. Coupled with this, he is a man who does not take himself too seriously and is willing to ridicule himself by wearing his Hogan-like hat, which he pulls off with style. PUMA themselves have shown that they love to associate with characters in the games as can be seen by the sponsorship’s of Rickie Fowler (Whose flat hat approach was equally out there) and Ian Poulter (Who once played a round in an Arsenal shirt). A player as unique as Bryson with his individual style, individual swing and his individual clubs, was always going to sign for only one brand.

Bryson of course is not just someone who is entertaining, quirky and fun, he is also showing some great skill and was the top ranked amateur in the world at time of going pro. He will quickly look to start adding professionals titles to his amateur collection, which I have a sneaky suspicion that he will do.

One thing is for certain, Bryson will be creating a stories for the foreseeable future and he has the perfect partner in this journey. PUMA this deserves a Hogan-like hat being doffed in your direction!

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