PUMA take Tricks to Golf

PUMA_Tricks_Golf 1 loPUMA have decided to shake things up again. Having introduced dual coloured Tricks running shoes and football shoes (as seen on the feet of Nacho Monreal, Sergio Aguero and Marco Reus this past weekend), PUMA have launched the limited edition TITANTOUR IGNITE Tricks golf shoe that will be worn by defending champion Ricky Fowler at the upcoming Players Championships, the unofficial fifth major!

One of the outstanding things that PUMA have done with their various sponsorship’s and products is to encourage the sportsman to not just play sport, but to truly have fun while doing it. This is once again the case with the new Tricks shoes encouraging players to “Play Loud”

PUMA_Rickie_Tricks 1 lo[2]PUMA’s two-coloured boot concept was originally inspired by Cameroonian Rigobert Song’s World Cup moment in 1998, when he decided on a whim to lace up two different coloured PUMA King boots. His right was yellow, his left red.  As Song said, “you must be bold” to wear two different colours on each foot and that’s exactly what PUMA Tricks represents.  A desire to Play Loud for all the world to see.

I personally play golf in the previous TITANTOUR shoes and combined with what is undoubtedly my favourite initiative in the PUMA arsenal has me unbelievably excited for the shoes to hit stores (Pro Shop and Golfers Club) in June this year. I #ChooseTricks

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