The Five Best Goals of the EPL Season

The 2015/2016 English Premier League season came to a rollicking end last weekend as Leicester received a guard of honour from Chelsea, Tottenham got spanked by 10-man relegated Newcastle and climbed straight back into Arsenal’s shadow and Manchester United managed to avoid their fifth place finish with an abandoned match holding up the potential dismissal of Louis van Gaal. But when we look back at a season that produced 1026 goals we thought we’d pick out our favourite five. Here they are in reverse order.

5. Jamie Vardy vs. Liverpool

It was voted the official goal of the season, and yes it was a cracker, but its not the absolute best for me. It was a cracking goal that was strongly helped by Mignolet’s poor positioning and the audacity of Vardy to even shoot from their. The Championship winning striker finished with a coolness that would make Zlatan proud and he wont really care that it comes fifth on my list as he has a winners medal around his neck.

4. Xherdan Shaqiri vs. Everton

Strangely this goal has not even been mentioned by some sites in their reviews of the season, but Shaqiri’s technical ability in finishing this on the run, with a moving ball, underlines how lucky we are that the Swiss Messi has chosen to play in the English Premier League. It was a goal reminiscent of THAT Cantona goal, but done with a bit more pace. The difficulty in finishing that would have been high, the Swiss was up to the challenge.

3. Cuco Martina vs. Arsenal

If I wasnt an Arsenal fan this would probably have finished higher. The Curaçao international was playing in his full premier league debut, but was not deterred from starring. After a weak Per Mertesacker clearance, the right back opened his foot and smashed a belter that was reminiscent of Neil Mellor and Michael Essien goals of the past. The fact that its the one thing he did well all season doesnt make me any happier.

2. Dele Ali vs. Crystal Palace

If I wasnt an Arsenal fan this would probably have finished higher. The young Englishman scored the type of goal that you see in playgrounds as he made Jedinak look like a fool. If Thierry Henry had scored this goal I would have watched it countless times on repeat. The control, the guile and the sheer audacity. It also was a game winning goal. Dammit.

1. Dimitri Payet vs. Crystal Palace

Free kicks dont often get the glamour they deserve but this was something special. This Payet free-kick (Also against Crystal Palace!) will get mentioned alongside the likes of Beckham and Roberto Carlos for sheer shaking your head at the unbelievable flight of the ball. Every time you watch it, it gets a little bit better. This for me was the goal of the season as it surely will be one we speak about for the longest!


What was your goal of the season?

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