SA Womens Indoor Hockey brace for Namibia

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The South African Womens Indoor Hockey side this week take on their neighbours Namibia in an indoor hockey test series down in Durban. This is their first International Hockey since they were victorious in the Spar 4 Nations Challenge which took place in Durban during the PSi Nationals last year. In that tournament the SA ladies tasted a shock defeat to Namibia in the group stages before showing class and running away with the final.

In preparation for the series, the team were able to spend a training camp together at the world class facilities of the Hockey Farm in Mpumalanga. As part of this camp the side managed to play a couple of games against some men’s sides. All of this forms part of the teams continued build up to the FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup in 2018.

The plans for the year ahead will include this five match series against Namibia, a five match series in Nambia as well as a five match series as part of the PSi Nationals in December against Australia.  Coach Lennie Botha has announced the following squad for the upcoming series.
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In discussion with coach Lennie there is nothing short of gratitude for headline sponsor Spar. In a sport and time when sponsorship’s are hard to come by, the relationship between the Indoor Hockey Ladies side and Spar should be the example many others aspire to. In the words of Lennie himself “We would not be where we are if it weren’t for the support of Spar.”


Lennie also speaks gratuitously of Pro Series Indoor and in particular the immense support they have received from founder Simon Martin. “PSi has raised the profile of indoor hockey in South Africa and has created an awareness of the national side that we havent had in a long time. We really appreciate all the support from PSi as well as our kit manufacturer Tayla Sportswear. We have used the Durban Franchise of PSi (The Panthers) to train and play exhibition games against in our build up to this series. Thank you to Greg and Tracey White for their support too!”

So where can you find all the action if your are fortunate enough to be based in Durban? All the details are here: